Our First Year: Discovery Zone

Dave and I have become quite the archaeologists since moving into our 110-year-old home.  Over the past month we have made such a variety of discoveries that I have decided to classify them among the following categories: 1.) Disappointments, 2) Pleasant Surprises and 3) Just Plain Scary.

Disappointments: (I blame the romanticism of HGTV for this one)

Specimen A:  A house as old as mine should have sparkling heart-pine floors that I so magically unveil as I pull up the old, stained carpets.  Instead, all I find is a wood plank sub-floor.

Specimen B: A house as old as mine should be laden with solid oak doors and crystal door knobs.  Meanwhile, our hollow plywood doors with holes punched in them by former violent tenants are missing doorknobs.

Specimen C: An old painting I found in the downstairs closet does not have an original copy of the Constitution hidden behind its canvas.

Pleasant Surprises: (Thank goodness for these!)

Specimen A:  We discovered a well in the back yard which means we won’t have to pay a fortune to keep this massive yard green!

Specimen B: Crock-pots really are as great as people say they are!  For the five years we lived in our rental, I may have used the crock-pot 3 times.  But since we do not own an oven yet I have been forced to explore the world of crock-pot cooking.  Dinner is easy to make, easy to clean up and the kitchen doesn’t get heated up! (we don’t have A/C…yet)

Specimen C: Replacing the plumbing took a lot less time and money than we expected.

Just Plain Scary:

Specimen A: A crack pipe is found in an upstairs room.

Specimen B: A knife with a bent blade is found in an upstairs bedroom.

Specimen C: A used condom is found in an upstair bedroom’s closet.

Specimen D: A Playboy subscription renewal letter is found in downstairs bathroom.

Specimen E: Black widows, dead squirrels, fire ants, unidentifiable brown, hairy clumps on the floor of the attic closet, light switches that turn nothing on…the list of scaries goes on and on.

Dave and I don’t have to dig too deep to find evidence of the forgotten lives that have passed through this old house.  And our wacky list of odds and ends grows daily.  However, our biggest discovery is that we are a lot braver than we thought.


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