Our First Year: The Checked List

This blog entry is for my own sanity.  With so much to do around the new house I feel like I haven’t even begun to change the look of the place.  The carpet still smells like dog and there is always grit and dust everywhere.  I should give Dave and I more credit since it has only been a month.  That is why I need a therapy list of things that HAVE been accomplished and checked off by either me, Dave or our handy man, Charlie.

1. Scrape popcorn texturing off ceilings

2. Replace all Quest plumbing

3. Paint kitchen cabinets and hardware

4. Clean attic closets

5. Move all unecessary items  into attic closets

6. Scrub ceilings, walls and baseboards in all rooms

7. Remove fluorescent light fixtures from all rooms

8. Fix garage door

9. Caulk ceiling joints

10. Paint all upstairs ceilings

11. Clean out woodburning stove and scrub stonework (which took 3  hours!!)

12. Paint master bedroom and closet

13. Paint large guest room, hallway and upper room

Since I am a lover of checklists, I always feel the need to have one.  So here’s what is hopefully in store for September:

1. Paint all downstairs rooms

2. Paint remaining upstairs guestoom

3. Widen doorway between den and living room

4. Paint all baseboards

5. Remove and patch all unwanted phone jacks and outlets

6. Replace toilet and vanity in master bathroom

7. Powerwash deck then apply sealant

8. Powerwash siding

9. Install linoleum in washroom, set up washer/dryer

I could keep going but we are only human.  Still, to others out there in my boat:  DREAM BIG!


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