Thanks Mom!!

Having my mom visit this past week put fresh wind in my sails.

I sure needed that wind.

I didn’t realize how much I had let things go at the house.  Furniture was covered in a layer of dust, floors had never been mopped (I know, I know), the place had this weird urine smell.  It sounds weird but I was afraid that settling in and taking care of what we had would mean stuff would never get replaced. Like the floors, for example.  Why clean them if they are going to get replaced?

But when Mom arrived we tackled those closets, the carpet in the back porch, and the bathroom together.  She is a natural workhorse.  And so am I.  We feel happiest when we are productive.  But even workhorses need a horse friend to get the job done.

So thanks, mom.  You really pulled me out of a deep rut.  Life doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.  I love you very much!


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