Painting Horizontal Wall Stripes

You know what I love about small rooms?

You can be really creative with paint in them!

I have a small guest bedroom upstairs and wanted to have some fun with it.  So when I saw this picture, I knew this was the look I wanted to create:


Stripes may or may not strike your fancy but they are way cuter than the dark purple color my small bedroom used to be.

Here is how I went about dressing up my walls in stripes…

Creating Horizontal Stripes

Step #1: Since I wanted six horizontal stripes, I measured the height of the entire wall and divided that measurement by six.  Then, with a pencil and a level I marked my first line. To ensure a straighter more consistent line, I marked my measurement every couple inches.

Step #2: Using a level, I connected the dots for my first line.  For my second line, though, I did not mark measurements starting from my first line.  Instead, I measured up from the floor again just in case my first line was uneven.

Step #3: After measuring out all my lines, I taped them off with masking tape.  Pulling the tape taught made my lines even more straight and uniform.

Step #4: I painted in my first color.

Step #5: I allowed 10 days to pass before painting in the next color because fresh paint + masking tape = ruined paint job.

Step #6: I made sure the lightest color was the top stripe in order to create the illusion of a taller ceiling.


Overall, I had fun working on this project!  (Finally!  A project that was fun instead of slimy or dusty or full of used condom packets!)

Therefore, I give painting horizontal stripes the generous “Smiley-Face-With-2-Thumbs-Up” rating.



8 thoughts on “Painting Horizontal Wall Stripes

  1. That it too cute! I wish i cld get a house to fix up its always been sumthing i wanted to do. Someday 🙂 great work have fun!

    • Thanks Amber. I was actually debating getting a haircut yesterday…but I wanted to go home and paint my stripes instead.;)

    • MARLENE! Where have you been all my life? Vertical stripes sound intriguing as well…and maybe easier to execute, too. Besides scrapbooking, what other crafts do you craft?

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