My Boxes

“Don’t pack any more boxes until we know we have the house!” Dave begged me last April.

Upon entering into contract for our house last April, my Leilani-ness took over and I began collecting every box and stack of newspapers I could find.

Then I would rush home from work everyday so that I could play “Packing!”

“Packing!” is a game that I invented where the player must carefully wrap and strategically place all of her household items into color coded and labeled boxes while she watches Judge Judy.  The player who packs up all of her earthly possessions before moving day wins.

Unfortunately, Dave and I didn’t know when our move-in day would be.

And the bank hadn’t even accepted our offer yet (which was $10,000 lower than their asking price).

AND we hadn’t even had the house inspected yet (but we were pretty sure it was not liveable).

Therefore, there was really no point in packing….but the possibility of moving felt so much more possible to me than the possibility of staying so could we possibly pack just one more box, dear husband?  Puhhhleeeease??

Once the bank accepted our offer, I sat on my hands until our house was inspected.

Once the inspection was over, I released my hands from their bondage and by mid-May three-fourths of our house was in boxes.

We didn’t move until August 1st.

It’s been over a year since I’ve had a painting or picture on my walls and even though I am proud minimalist, I kinda miss my stuff in those boxes.

Unfortunately, my Leilani-ness Clause states that no item from any box shall be displayed until new flooring and light fixtures have been installed in our house.

But maybe one painting wouldn’t hurt.


12 thoughts on “My Boxes

  1. Far wood! Definitely!
    You know that Andy Warhol packed a box every day, and they are still opening them? I think Ms. Leilani is rather more organized than Andy’s “time capsules”. Have fun. Hope you find many things you love and nearly forgot.

  2. You do know that some of us just put everything off till the very last minute, and then drag big garbage bags and disordered boxes over, leaving friends to help clean up the mess? You’re just amazing!

    • The image you painted is WHY I packed so early!!;) I also knew my stuff would have to stay in storage a loooooong time.

  3. What an excellent description of Andy’s time capsules! He was also a rather more disorganized hoarder, as they discovered when he died; his house was crammed top to bottom.

    Re: your farwood picture – remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if you love it, you love it. You should see my teddy bear with no eyes (and not much fur, either…) I love him!

  4. p.s. You can put garbage bags full of things in storage. LOL
    I’ll bet your one of legendary, perhaps mythical, creatures “the good housekeeper”. I have one of those – except she charges. Worth every dime!!

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