Our Easter Kitty Photo Shoot

I just have to say that I have the sweetest, dearest, most patient cats in the world.

They have to be.  I’m their mother.

At the beginning of this month, I had the sudden and glorious inspiration to dress up my cat children for Easter.  So me and my mother-in-law went shopping for some secondhand outfits.

There were at least 15 dresses I would have loved to shove Baby Girl into but it took rummaging through countless boring t-shirts and shorts before I found something cute enough for Brodie to wear.

I really lucked out with the OshKosh overalls.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Next, it was time to look for hats.  A trip to Hobby Lobby solved that.

Ahhhh, a cat in a hat.

It’s therapy, people.


Brodie behaved so well and actually kept his little hat on his little head.

Baby Girl, meanwhile, was all over the place.


After a 5 minute break it was time to get the WHOLE family involved!

Meanwhile, our squirmy cats thought a squirrel was way more interesting than family photo time.


2 Outfits: $1.07

2 Straw Hats: $2.16

Photos of Cats in Outfits and Straw Hats: Priceless!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!!


6 thoughts on “Our Easter Kitty Photo Shoot

  1. Absolutely adorable! Your kitty-kids are precious in their outfits!

    Amber celebrated Easter today with a new squeaky toy and her own hard-boiled egg she ate in 5 seconds. Maybe next year I’ll look for a dachshund-sized dress 😉

    • Erin, you are my 400th comment. I feel like I need to send you concert tickets or a free pizza or something. 😉
      Yes, we do make a lovely mixed bunch of creatures.

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