Knocked Up

When Dave and I first moved into our house, I knew it would be the perfect place to raise a family.

A cat family, that is.

Unfortunately, both of my cats are fixed and, as far as I know, still kitty virgins.  Fortunately, though, the town of Clyde is crawling with stray cats.  And so I prayed to God that one day a knocked-up kitty would choose our home to have her litter.

I think God might be answering my prayer.  With that said, meet Misty.


Misty is a teeny, weeny little cat who barely looks old enough to be having babies.

But she definitely is hungry enough!

About a month ago, Misty stood at the edge of our deck waiting for a handout.  I couldn’t tell if she was pregnant but she easily downed 2 hotdogs.

Then last week she appeared again, this time with a rounder tummy.  So I offered her a slice of cheese, some pieces of chicken and a scoop of cat food which she promptly gobbled up.

Brodie and Baby Girl weren’t too happy about that.


Yes, Misty has stumbled upon a goldmine.

In fact, I’ve been referring to Dave and I as her WIC providers.  We supply her food, water and a place to relax and she doesn’t have to lift a paw.

Life is good.

Oh, and did I mention that we also give her plenty of ear scratchins?


Well, we do.


Ooo yeah, lady.  Right there, right there. Ah!

Misty appears to be about 2 weeks away from the big day, so I’m hoping she has started her search for the perfect birthing suite somewhere around our house.  Her choices are as follows:

Option A: The County Hospital


The horribly unpleasant old shed at the back of our property would provide shelter but it’s a very undignified and unpersonalized setting.

Option B: The Somewhat Fancier Private Hospital


Behold, the entryway into the bowels of our home.  Here she will have shelter and some peace and quiet, but what other creatures will be sharing this space?

Option C: The Midwifery


A big box with some comfy old towels tucked away in our garage.  PLUS, bedside assistance from a doting cat fiend.  What more could an expectant mother want?

Okay, Misty, what will it be?  Option A?  Option B?

Never has a knocked-up stray ever had it so good.


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