Milk Glass Coffee Cups

While washing the dishes last night, I looked over at my milk glass coffee cups (which I use ALL the time) hanging on the drainboard and thought to myself: “I really love my little milk glass coffee cups.”

It sounds silly to be in love with a coffee cup, but me and one of these cups go waaaay back….

When we were kids, my Grandfather used to have something called, “Coffee Call” which was like tea time only with coffee.  And Little Debbie’s Donut Stix.  Or crackers with peanut butter and honey.  Or cookies.  Or leftover pie.

Grandfather had a sweet tooth.  He also believed that sugar was sinful and so he would add liquid artificial sweetener to his coffee instead.  Large amounts of artificial sweetener.

Sometimes me and my sisters would join Grandfather for Coffee Call.

“Time for Coffee Call,” he’d say with a grin.

Even though we were little, we were still allowed to drink coffee.  Lisa was brave and sometimes drank hers black.  Leslie liked milk and sugar.  I needed lots of milk and lots of sugar.  Though we all enjoyed our coffee different ways, one thing was for certain: we all wanted to drink ours out of the white milk glass cup.  Maybe it was Leslie who first favored the little cup.  Then perhaps Lisa decided that she liked it, too.  All I know is that whenever my sisters liked something a whole lot, I decided that I would like it a whole lot, too.

Inevitably, once we heard the words “Coffee Call,” we would all race to the cabinet to grab the cup first.  Then a fight would ensue.

I remember never getting it.

My sisters remember me always getting it.

In the end, I think Grandfather took the milk glass cup out of play thus putting an end to the argument.

About 4 years ago my grandma was thinning out her dishes and asked me if I wanted anything.  The first thing that popped into my mind was that cup.  And so she gave it to me.

A couple years later, a sweet friend gave me two more.

So now I have 3 milk glass cups.

One for each sister.

Or three for one sister.

Here’s to sisters and warm drinks and little loves.

And victories.

Heh, heh.


9 thoughts on “Milk Glass Coffee Cups

  1. The sad thing is…I don’t even remember this entire thing. haha. Like seriously. How sad that my brain doesn’t work anymore =(

  2. The funny thing is, your story sounds similar to stories my brothers and I have. I remember them always getting the toy or whatever it was, and they remember me always getting it. That, or they don’t remember the incident at all. Oh, memories. 🙂

  3. I don’t remember fighting over that cup either… But i do remember fighting over the curly spoon and the blue spoon.

  4. Pretty sad when that’s all we had to fight over at Grandma’s house. No toys. Just spoons and cups and Grandfather’s teeth and his dried up typewriter eraser. ha ha

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