The House Project I [sort of] Completed

This past weekend, I sort-of completed a house project.

When Dave and I first moved into our home last August, the words “sort-of completed” were forbidden.

Now, almost a year later, “sort-of completed” doesn’t sound half bad!

This is me sometime last August sort-of preparing our master bathroom for its new paint job.  At the time, the walls were teal with a gold wallpaper border (which was a pain to remove).  The toilet didn’t work, the faucet didn’t work, the sink was clogged with old cigarette butts.  Our only reason for stepping into this room of doom was because it contained the only working shower in the house.

In the end, I decided to keep things simple by caulking and painting the ceiling instead.

In October, we replaced the toilet and switched out the bulky vanity with a pedestal sink:

Then tadaaaa! the bathroom was ALL done.


Around November, we ripped out the red-orange linoleum and had our fix-it dude install the box of peel-n-stick tiles that we found in one of our closets.

Yay!  Free tile!

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough.


So the bathroom stayed sort-of done for another 6 months.

Since we are still awaiting the completion of the tiling job, I decided that I should feed my sense of hope by finally painting those walls!

D.I.Y. NOTE: Cats are equally (if not more) concerned about the progression of house projects.

Whenever I so much as pull out a paint brush, Baby Girl is by my side ready to critique my form.

You missed a spot, Mama.

Under my foreman’s watchful eye, I managed to keep clean, even lines.

But the minute she left to use the bathroom…

…well, let’s just say I got too hot and tired to care anymore.

Ugh!  Sloppy paint job = more work for me later

This weekend our fix-it dude is scheduled to come out and fix the floor tile situation.

Which means our master bathroom will finally be completed!!!!


There’s still the shower door that needs replacing, the exhaust fan that needs to be installed, the shower tile that needs re-grouting…


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