Kitty Smell

Each and every day, I take a nice, long hit of Kitty Smell.

Now, Kitty Smell is NOT to be confused with Cat Smell.

Kitty Smell and Cat Smell are two completely different things.

If you walk into someone’s house and immediately smell “Cat,” that is not a good thing!

But if you pick up your big, healthy kitty boy, bury your nose behind his little kitty ear and take a deep breath in, like so:


then you, my friend, will experience one of the sweetest smells on earth second to rain-kissed earth.

Those of you who own and adore your kitties know what I am talking about.

For the rest of you, Kitty Smell is a sweet, heady aroma with just a hint of wet-dirt-smell mixed in.

It is divine!

If you ever come to visit (and you don’t suffer from cat allergies), then I will make you smell Brodie’s fur because Brodie’s Kitty Smell is MUCH better than Baby Girl’s.


This is because Baby Girl rolls in any and every thing she can find.

Therefore, I have to rub a little water on her neck fur to get her to smell good.

However, this only makes Baby Girl’s fur smell more like wet chicken feathers than cat fur.

Which is why I occasionally like to squeal, “You’re my wet CHICKEN!!!” in her ear.

Am I weird?

I’m weird, huh?

But so are all pet owners.

Because, among other things, pet owners talk to their pets.

In addition, pet owners like to give their pets wee little pet-voices so that the make-believe conversations pet owners have with their pets can be more easily carried out.


For instance:

Me: Oh, Brodie, you are my sweet-smelling little buddy! How did you get to be so sweet-smelling?!

Brodie: [in a high-pitched, scratchy voice similar to the lead singer of AC/DC] Letz me go you crazy lady!  I stabz you in your sleep!

Before leaving Brodie in our permanent care, his previous owners had him professionally groomed.  And after his shower and blow dry, the groomers spritzed him with a little cat cologne!!

How adorable and over-the-top is that?

Nevertheless, I prefer my kitties to smell like an animal.

Not a prom date.

Even though the two are synonymous.

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5 thoughts on “Kitty Smell

  1. I know exactly what you mean!! Just last night as tuffie slept in a tightly curled ball on his fluffy bankie next to me I leaned over and kissed his butt. I just love the smell of sleeping dog! Now dog just in from s romp in the yard is, well, eeeeew! But sleeping dog is sweet and warm and I just want to use him as a pillow!!!

  2. You make me GUFFAW, girl! Especially the comment about dogs smelling like corn chips. ROCKY’s feet smell like corn chips! Even right after his bath! Oh well. He’ll never be a snooty super clean dog… who can afford pet grooming these days.
    oh and,
    “my cat’s breath smells like cat food”

    • Haha. Nice use of our go-to line. 🙂 I have noticed that Baby Girl’s feet smell like corn chips, too! Ugh! I thought only dogs had corn-smelling capabilities.

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