Free To Be



This is what my family does best whenever we get together.

When I was younger, eating and chatting were not exciting enough for me.  I mean, why couldn’t we go water skiing or visit an amusement park or do all of those other cool things that all of those other families did instead?

It took going far away to college and spending lonely, hungry nights in my dorm room to realize just how precious my family get-togethers were.

Sure, water-skiing and amusement parks are fun activities, but so is simply sitting in a lawn chair enjoying the plate of food in your lap while laughing at your Momma’s account of the recent bat infestation that has taken place inside the garage.

Life has been so busy for me this year that I cherish those times where I can just be.

And who better to be with than family?

And what better food to eat than hot dogs off the grill?

(Fred even felt free to sneak some habanero sausages in there, as well.  If you have never had a habanero sausage, it’s like a fireworks show.  In your colon.) 

And what better dessert to follow that hot dog with than homemade ice cream?

(Oops.  Grandma’s doctor says that she isn’t supposed to be eating ice cream.  Hmmm, let’s just keep this one act of freedom a secret, shall we?) 

And what goes better with homemade ice cream than Aunt Leila’s Cherry Chocolate Cake?

The freedom to be.

And eat.

And chat.

That’s my favorite freedom of all.

On a side note, I guess all of our feeling-free must have worn off on the dogs since they felt free enough to enjoy the festivities from a nearby (and off-limits) flower bed.


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