Floor Painting Ideas

Even though it is bedtime (and I am thoroughly EXHAUSTED!), I would much rather stay awake and think about my subfloors.

Subfloors are a very important subject in my life right now.  More important than…well, more important than a good night’s sleep, apparently.

In case you didn’t know, I’ma gonna paint mah subfloors.

Mah PLYWOOD subfloors, that is!

Even though I am psyched about the undertaking, I’ve been getting nothing but raised eyebrows from people after they hear of my idea..

“Let me get this straight,” the listener usually begins, “you are going to paint your plywood subfloors?  Can you do that?  Will it work?  Is it durable?  Cuz I’m thinking you can’t do that and that it won’t work and that it won’t be durable.”

Thankfully I am a stubborn and disillusioned woman because in my heart and mind, I say it CAN be done and it SHALL be done…even if only 2 people in the whole wide world have had success with the project.

Luckily for me, I have found more than two!!  Check these floors out:




I’m speechless.

I am without speech.

The checkerboard pattern looks totally fun for my kitchen but as for the rest of the first floor, I’m thinking plain white will look just mahhhhvelous.  As for the pretty pattern above, I might consider this for an upstairs bedroom.

So there you have it: PROOF that painting a plywood subfloor CAN be done!!

And it SHALL be done.

Now…how to keep the cats off of the drying paint…..

(Photos and how-tos (i.e. PROOF) courtesy of Poppies and Poetry, First A Dream and The T-Cozy.


11 thoughts on “Floor Painting Ideas

  1. Lisa a subfloor is the wood that is usually undreneat your carpet or tile – it is what the floor is really made of. Some people, like me, have cement. Leilani has given me the idea to pant my floors too – but I have to mend the cracks first somehow – just cant wait to do it!!!

    • Not if you put enough clear shellac over it. And I have rugs. Besides, I’d rather have slippery than nasty and dirty! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see the blog and pictures of the lace patterned floors!! It’s gonna be hilarious!!! I think it’s a great idea…but I can imagine the work and ughhhh!! Good luck!! Can’t wait for some great laughs!! Yay!

    • By “laughs” do you expect it to be a disaster? 😉 I think if I do the lace pattern, I might do one little swirl of it down the center. If I stenciled an entire room, I would need access to a padded room and a straightjacket.

  3. The tile in my kitchen is on my list of re-do’s. It’s cracking and breaking and overall it angers me every time I walk in there. I’m hoping the wood floors that are in the rest of my house area also underneath said tile. And depending on the quality, painting them is definitely a consideration. You’ve found some amazing examples – I love it!

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