Our Fixer Upper: One Year Later

Last year, on August 1st, Dave and I moved ourselves, our cats and all of our earthly possessions into 402 Rusk Street.  Ever since that day, our world’s have been rocked, baby!

If Dave and I were normal people, we would have fixed up the place and moved on with our lives by now.

But we are not normal people.

(We try to be, but God doesn’t let us.)

Instead, while we’ve tinkered away on our house, the house has pounded right back at our fears, our need for control and other deep heart issues that have held us back for years.  It has been a process that has required much faith and even more good friends.  (Okay, AND the occasional shot of tequila.)  And though this process is by no means over, the funky and chaotic things about our home AND our hearts have, for the most part, been set to right.

It’s been a hard year but a good year, a year I would never want to repeat, but a year I will always remember.  A year of letting go of perfectionism and the need for control.  A year of realizing that I can either change my destructive mindsets and move forward…or refuse to change and go nowhere.

Moving forward.

That sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Be on the lookout for a walk-through of the house repairs we have made so far!


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