My Little Loves: Rice With Milk and Sugar

If I had to choose between rice or noodles, I would choose noodles HANDS DOWN!

That is, unless the rice is sitting a moat of sweet milk.

In that case I would have to choose the rice.



Sorry, I need to calm down.  It’s just that I really love rice with milk and sugar.  (Technically, this dish is called arroz con leche, but I’m more accustomed to using my nice little gringo term, k?)  Whenever I would spend the night with my grandma, she would fix us a big dinner and we would eat, eat, eat until we couldn’t eat any more.  But no matter how full I was I would still ask, “Grandma, can we have rice with milk and sugar for breakfast tomorrow?”

I know.  Thinking about your next meal right after pigging out is…well, undignified.  But we’re talking about rice with milk and sugar here, people.

Anyway, since you all are probably drooling for a bowl of this goodness, let me go ahead and share with you how I like my rice with milk and sugar.

First and foremost, I use a nice aromatic rice such as jasmine rice.  (If you have not tried jasmine rice before, hurry up and do so for crying out loud!)

A note about jasmine rice: Instead of the usual 2:1 ratio of water to rice, jasmine rice only calls for 1 1/2:1.

If you don’t understand what I just said: Find somebody else to cook your rice for you.

To the rice and water, I add a pat of butter and a half teaspoon of salt.  It’s not enough for the rice to be sweet- -I need it to be salty-sweet!

When the rice is all cooked, I scoop a non-conservative amount into a big ol’ bowl.

The next ingredient is very important: MILK!!

But not just any milk.  I’m talking a smooth, creamy milk.

Translation: No skim milk here!  It’s worse than fat-free ice cream!

Sometimes I like a mixture of 2% and half and half or straight whole milk, but my most favorite milk choice is evaporated milk.


When I was a kid, I used to sneak into the fridge and chug half a can when no one was looking.  (And because evaporated milk has “Vitamin D Added,” I am all the healthier for it!)

(No, I wasn’t a fat kid.  Why do you ask?)

Ok, I’ve mentioned the rice and the milk.  Now for the sugar:

I prefer a rounded teaspoon of plain ol’ white sugar, but you could use brown sugar or agave nectar or honey.  You could even sprinkle on a little cinnamon if you wanted to.

And now for the finishing result!:

Oh, dear.  When I started writing this entry, I had a full bowl of rice with milk and sugar.

Guess I got carried away.


Guess you need to make your own bowl to see what it looks like.

(Guess I need seconds.)

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11 thoughts on “My Little Loves: Rice With Milk and Sugar

  1. OMG, my little Scot/Irish mother fixed rice with sugar and milk for breakfast too! I also love it and love to have leftover rice after a meal…cause I know it will be breakfast in the morning. I’ve never tried it with Evaporated Milk, but I bet I will now. Other than that, you ate it just the way I did. Must have salt! You brought back memories.

    One other favorite “rice” memory. One of the many elementary schools I attended served huge bowls of “sticky” rice family style every Friday. I couldn’t wait. It was very thick and had sugar, cinnamon and a little butter, but wasn’t milky. Yummy to the max!!

  2. My mother used to make rice & raisins, and sometimes in the summer that would be our dinner, with a lot of cold milk on it. YUM!

    • Our moms came up with a lot of unusual dinners during the summer heat, didn’t they? Fried eggs and cereal were other summer dinners. 🙂

  3. My Mom use to make this for us when we were kids if she didn’t have a have pie, cake or cookies for dessert.

    While working at a local inn one summer my sister and I introduced it to our summer friends. Everyone loved it.

    It’s one of my favorite comfort foods from my past and I can still picture my Mom making a big pot of it for our family of ten.

    I actually just made myself a bowl from some leftover rice warmed up in the microwave. What a great memory.

    • Glad to take you down Food Memory Lane. I think I would rather have arroz con leche than regular dessert. It’s the best!

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