My Little Loves: Quaint Little Towns

When Dave and I need to get away from it all, we always escape to the town of Boerne (pronounced Bernie) located just outside of San Antonio in the Texas hill country.

‘Tis a quaint little town.

In fact, it is our favorite Texas town (besides Clyde, of course).  I will admit, however, that Boerne is a picture of what I would like Clyde to look like some day.

Not only is the town in the heart of the majestic hill country, it has the perfect mixture of food, folks and fun.

Starting with food (duh!), there are two places that Dave and I HAFTA visit every time we visit/pass through/are in the vicinity of Boerne.  The first is The Dodging Duck Brewhaus:

True to its name, The Dodging Duck brews its own rich and tasty beer varieties on site, offering four different types each season.  Even though 4 is a small number, it is hard to pick just one!

Thank goodness for the sampler!

In addition to being rich and smooth, each beer is given a clever name.  The first beer we ever tried here was a stout called “Milk and Quackers.”  This time, our stout was called “Duck Vader.”  I understand that beer is not supposed to be adorable, but a brew from The Dodging Duck is just plain ADORABLE!

And their food?

Behold, a warm, soft pretzel, sharp cheddar, locally made sausage and cranberry mustard. (drool)

Well, it’s not adorable.  It’s just plain delicious.

We HEART The Dodging Duck Brewhaus!

Our second favorite food spot is the Bear Moon Bakery.

Cakes, pastries, coffee, a killer breakfast buffet.  This place has it all!  What’s better is that you can almost taste the goodies even before you walk in the door due to all of the delightful aromas wafting up and down the streets.

In other words, there’s no point in trying to deny yourself a chocolate doughnut with a side of pistachio gelato.

After getting our fill of treats, Dave and I like to browse all of the shops.  My favorite is Kiss the Cook, a kitchen store full of all sorts of fun stuff.

Dave and I enjoyed every minute of our two days in Boerne and since I have only grazed the tip of the iceberg, I suggest you visit the place for yourself.  It is a quaint little town fit for kings and queens.

Check out Boerne’s website here!

Happy Travels!


10 thoughts on “My Little Loves: Quaint Little Towns

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  2. Leilani; bet you didn’t realize that Kiss the Cook got it’s start right here in downtown Abilene back in the last century 😉 I loved to go there to look at/shop for all the gadgets (I’m a sucker for kitchen gadgets!) and I wept real tears when they moved to Wimberly in 2001.

    • Really?! How interesting! I would cry, too, if I had to say goodbye to such a lovely store. (Seriously, have you EVER seen such a pretty kitchen store?!)

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  4. I am lucky enough to get to live in Boerne (6 miles out). I thank God every day. Having grown up in Pasadena TX it is like living in Heaven.

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