It’s Friday and I am ready to break some rules!  First of all, I am posting my weekend Photo of the Day one day early.  Second of all, I’m attaching a small tale to this photo instead of the usual one or two sentences.  Third of all, I’m not going to shave my legs past mid-shin.

Since I just finished spending an entire weekend with my former college roommate AND since college classes start on Monday, I felt it was the perfect time to share this photo with you:

This is my favorite picture of Kelly and I.  It was taken our freshman year waaaaaay back in November 2000.  (Has it already been 11 years since I first started college?!)

Kelly was bar-none the bestest roommate I ever had.  Originally, I was assigned to a different roommate at the beginning of the year, but after spending three weeks on our loud and obnoxious basement floor, the girl promptly moved to the peaceful realms of the fourth floor.

It was around this time that I met Kelly.

Kelly, I discovered, was also a basement dweller.  One night, while all of the crazy girls from our hall were out doing even crazier things, I felt it safe enough to emerge from my room and wander down the hall to the vending machines.  Halfway down, I came upon a room that had its door wide open.  Since I had nothing else to do, I introduced myself to the pleasant girl on the other side of that door.

I never made it to the vending machines that night.  Instead, Kelly and I chatted for the next few hours about how much we missed our families, how crazy the girls were on our hall were and how we each were in need of a new roommate.  It couldn’t have been a more ideal situation.  Unfortunately, since Kelly transferred to a different school that next semester, we only got to room together for 3 months.  (sad face)  Nevertheless, those three months contained some of the most memorable moments of my college days.

Typically, memories of college involve frat houses and keg parties.  The memories that Kelly and I made, however, consisted of Papa John’s Pizza, movie nights and Providence, a television show that aired on NBC.  I don’t even remember what the program was about, but by-golly we never missed an episode!

What’s more is that Providence aired on Friday nights so while most of our age group was heading out, we were ordering in…because nothing goes better with a nighttime drama than a slice or three of pizza!

Yes, we were the antithesis of Girls Gone Wild.  I guess you say we were Girls Gone Domestic.

I was so blessed to find a friend as warm and gracious as Kelly which meant it was super-duper-totally-incredibly hard saying goodbye to her.  She had become like a sister to me and no roommate could ever top her.  I eventually had to move out of the basement and onto the first floor that next semester, but I still considered Room 103 of Behren’s Hall my room.  Over the years, I have gone back to visit Room 103, curious as to who the new inhabitants are.  Each time I hope to find two quiet girls living there but, ironically, all I seem to find are sorority girls with fake tans and bright pink bedspreads.

A lot has changed in our lives since Kelly and I took that picture in front of our dormitory.  We each went on to get married and have children (Kelly’s being of the human variety, mine being of the cat variety).  Kelly eventually ditched the permed hair and I (painstakingly) parted ways with those checkered pajama pants.  However, one thing remains the same:

It’s always a good time when we are together.


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