Woman vs. Stenciled Wall Paper (Part 2)

I just wanted my study to have pretty walls.

That’s all.

Just elegant, sophisticated, pretty walls.

Without having to pay for expensive wall paper.

Was this too much to ask for?


When last we spoke concerning the walls of my study, I had shared my maddening experience in using a stencil to create the look of wall paper.

Note the big gaps within the pattern. Argh!

As you can see, the final results were a noncohesive mess!

Nauseous over amount of time wasted in my first attempt, I called my mom crying.

When I was finished doing that, I painted over the day’s work and tried again.

Where my first attempt was noncohesive, my second attempt was noncohesive and SMUDGY!!

At my wits’ end, I ran screaming from the house and checked myself into an asylum for the creatively insane.

After many days of therapy, my doctors decided to release me into society.  (Little did they know that I was planning a third attempt with my wall stencil.)

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results each time.  Not wanting to go insane again, I decided to take drastic mathematical measures in order to get the elegant, sophisticated, pretty results I craved!!!

First, I measured the stencil.

Next, I cropped the stencil.

Then I measured the walls.

And then I traced a calculated grid onto the walls using the stencil.

And THEN I swapped my paint roller for a sponge.


Fifteen minutes into this highly organized third attempt, however, I completely lost all interest.  And for a third time, I painted over my work.

Let the walls be plain for all I care!! I shouted.  I give up!!!


My whole inspiration for this cursed project was a tutorial posted on Jones Design Company.  Not wanting to pay the high price for wall paper either, the author used a cardboard stencil to create this effect on her office walls.

The pattern seemed simple (and lovely!) enough, but if you know me, then you know that I almost always choose the most complicated route first.  (Hence purchasing the most intricate wall stencil I could find.)

*sigh*  If only I had just gone with the more simple design from the very beginning!

After my last attempt with the stencil, I promised my long-suffering husband that I would leave the walls of our study a solid color…but I just HAD to try this one last idea.

(No, I don’t consider myself a stubborn person.  Why do you ask?)

With new found focus, I studied Jones’ stencil tutorial backwards and forwards.  Tracing the design onto the wall was simple and only took a couple of afternoons, but I knew that the real test would be in painting the design.

Mustering up my inner Wonder Woman, I faced my home, pulled out my Paintbrush of Truth and prepared to kick some wall-ass.

For hours on end, I attacked those walls and painted my super-hero heart out!

Take that, you stubborn monoliths of wood and plaster!!

Fingers cramped.

Sweat dripped.

Paint was spilled

But in the end…

…I defeated those evil walls!

Ahhh, sweet victory!!

Now peace reigns in the land of Clyde…

…and an elegant, sophisticated, pretty pattern adorns the length of my study walls!

I couldn’t be more pleased.  🙂

To answer the question that is most likely on everyone’s mind, this project took about 24 hours (or roughly seven spare afternoons and evenings) to complete.

And yes, Baby Girl monitored the situation the entire time.


A big thank-you to my Super Dave who patiently walks with me through all of my crazy endeavors, snapping photos of the process all along way.  (It’s not easy living with a Wonder Woman.)


13 thoughts on “Woman vs. Stenciled Wall Paper (Part 2)

  1. I am sooooo proud of you! This is perfect, it loooks really good on your wall. I also like the colors choice! Brava Lei-Lou!

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  3. OMG this made me laugh so hard, you’re hilarious. Good for you for hanging in there. Remember when there was no Pinterest? I had so much more time. Looks great! Your costume is a scream…In my mind, that’s totally what I wear everyday.

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