Our First Year: No Trespassing!

Before Dave and I were homeowners, we were trespassers.

Instead of phoning up the realtor’s number on the foreclosure sign in the front yard, Dave and I did what everybody else in town did to enter our house: bust in through the rickety back door.

“Everybody else in town” you ask?

Yes.  Everybody else in town.

Until Dave and I became the owners of the abandoned foreclosure, 402 Rusk was a lot like a cheap whore…

…everybody had been inside it.


Ok, that was a bad joke, but it’s true!  When people learned that we were buying the house, they all had stories to share about their experiences in the place:

“My husband and I broke into that house 4 years ago and almost bought it!”

“My wife and I broke into that house last year and almost bought it!”

“My fiance and I broke into that place last week and I wish we could buy it!”

“My goodness, the teenagers in this town will be sad to hear that someone bought it!”

According to the Clyde police, 402 Rusk was the make-out place in town.  After finding numerous opened condom packages strewn about the place (not to mention the used one we discovered in a closet), we figured as much.  Therefore, what with all of the break-ins and ensuing shenanigans, Dave and I made DOOR REPLACEMENT our first priority.

Since it was the main portal for tresspassing, we replaced the back door first.

The next door was a little trickier to install due to the creepy, rotting hole that years of weather exposure had worn in the floorboards of the threshold.

No, this is not how the original hole looked.  It was much larger (and scarier) than this!  But thanks to the back-breaking work of my loving husband…

…that ugly hole got patched!

Doors: I’m never going to take them for granted again.

The last door we replaced was the front door.

(I still can’t decide whether to paint it red or black so it shall remain white and mundane for the time being.)

As you can see, we actually have two front doors.  What’s interesting is that almost all of the older homes in Clyde have two front entrances.  Though I am no historian, I’m thinking the extra door may have provided an additional source of air flow.

Or an additional fire exit.

Or an additional place to hang Christmas wreaths.

Either way, I am not sure how I feel about this extra door.  In time, I might fill in this doorway to create a flush wall.

Or I might choose to keep the doorway and preserve a small piece of history.

(Hmm, I think I have found my answer.)


6 thoughts on “Our First Year: No Trespassing!

  1. Hey, several years ago Randy and I looked at that house for us! We didn’t break in the back door though. We peeped in all the windows that I could reach. : ) I’m glad someone moved in that loves the place!

  2. Put a window where the second door is!!! thats my vote!!! I loved your house – it is so full of possibilities!! Oh to have a husband who is handy with tools!!!!!!

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