Since Labor Day Weekend means a longer weekend than usual, I have decided to post more photos than usual…

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by my very talented friend, Kelly, in the very whimsical little town of Helotes, just west of San Antonio.

In case you’re unsure, Helotes is pronounced HELLO-tez or HELLO-tees. 

It is NOT, however, pronounced HEE-lotes.  🙂

Helotes is a lot like Wonderland.

No, not the Michael Jackson version.

I’m talking about the ACTUAL Alice in Wonderland version where clever oddities lurk in every possible corner.

I could tell you more about the whimsy of Helotes, but why don’t I just show you instead:

Do you think a tree with a nose suffers from allergies?

A bicycle built for one.

Practicing our “tough” faces.

Just give it a few more years, my love.

Otherwise, you’ll let in a draft.

Lookin’ good from behind!

Have a fun and safe weekend!


To see more of Kelly’s photography, visit her website here!


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