800 Feet

800 square feet of FREE carpet and padding to anyone willing to haul it off!

By the way, the carpet is dusty, stained and smells like what I’m guessing to be 15 years’ worth of dog urine.


6 thoughts on “800 Feet

  1. Brainstorm!! You know that giant yard full of stickers you currently have? Roll this nasty stuff out and CARPET YOUR YARD! (I’d like to see the stickers grow through that toxic mess…)

    It’s a win/win! After a few years of carpeted lawnspace, you haul it off and lay down the sod on a STICKER-FREE yard.

    P.S. You’re welcome. 🙂

    • Amazingly enough, it was so dry this year that no stickers grew. Carpeting my yard?!! Oh boy! Hey, you want some to choke out those cacti on the farm?

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