My Little Loves: Pumpkin Carving!

Halloween may be more than a month away, but I am already planning my pumpkin.

I have always loved pumpkin carving!  When I was too young to wield a knife, Momma did all of the cutting: triangles for eyes, a thin crescent for the mouth.  The concept was simple, but the process never ceased to excite me…especially once the candle was lit.  Ta daaaaa!

As I got older, I took over the carving job, each year choosing a more difficult design than the last.  I would slave away for an hour or so, knowing full well that all my hard work would rot and cave in in less than 3 days…but the results made it all worth it.

Almost every year that Dave and I have been married, I’ve followed a superhero theme: Year 1 was the Superman “S.”  Year 2, Batman’s silhouette.  Year 3, The Joker.  Year 4, Two-Face.  Year 5…gasp!  I didn’t carve a pumpkin last year!  What was I thinking?!

Even though I have enjoyed the challenge of carving comic characters, I have decided to think outside the jack-o-lantern this year by using one or more of the following ideas….

Pumpkin Entertaining Ideas

If using just the bottom of a pumpkin seems wasteful….

…simply use the top as a soup tureen lid!

How come I never thought of this before?

Multi-Pumpkin Ideas:

So clever!  Will have to tweak this idea for my wood-burning stove.

Ok, maybe I’ll have to put some books in storage, but this idea is SO worth it!

Pretty Pumpkin Ideas

I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw these….

…AND these…

...AND THIS!!!

Funny-Faced Pumpkins


Disturbing yet allows me to reuse my pumpkins after Halloween.

Never thought to carve the top!

And, of course, no pumpkin collection is quite complete without a toothy-grinned jack-o-lantern!

So many creative ideas to choose from…I better start buying pumpkins now!


The majority of these photos came from Martha Stewart and Country Living.  When it comes to Halloween ideas, these folks are the experts!


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