Thirty Thoughts on Turning Thirty: #1 Success

I was born at 9:30 am (or 9:30 pm; I can never remember) on November 4, 1981….

…which means that sometime around either 9:30 am or 9:30 pm on November 4, 2011, I will turn thirty years old!



Three-Zero (3-0).

Turning thirty was something I never thought about…

…until I turned 29.

Suddenly, age mattered.

Suddenly, accomplishments mattered.

Even though I had received my degree in my 20’s, gotten married in my 20’s and became a homeowner in my 20’s, I still didn’t feel like I had accomplished anything truly amazing.

And since I was voted “Most Likely To Succeed” in middle school and high school, I had to be truly and amazingly successful!! 

Boy, do I look thoughtful. I bet I am thinking of all the ways I will be successful.

Otherwise, I would be a wasted vote.

A letdown.

Another woman without her own TV show.

Or summer home in France.

Or Orlando Bloom on her speed-dial.

Or full-time job!

Or health insurance!

Or carpet that didn’t smell like dog urine!

After making a mental list of all the things I wasn’t and didn’t have, I began to dread turning thirty…because I did not want to enter a new decade as a failure.

But what I failed to see was that I was NOT a failure.

I just had a mixed up idea of what success really was.

But thanks to a supportive husband, loving friends, tough conversations and a praying Momma, I have finally come to realize what true success means:

1. Self love.

2. Emotional maturity.

3. Strong and loving relationships.

4. Family.

5. Joy.

6. Cats.

7. Lots of cats.

Of course, realizing these things doesn’t mean that I have mastered them.

Thankfully, success is a journey…not a moment.


6 thoughts on “Thirty Thoughts on Turning Thirty: #1 Success

  1. On November 1st of this year I will turn 49. It’s going to be a rough year if I can’t reconcile myself to 50 before it comes!!! You have accomplished more in your 30 years than I have in almost 50 so I think you are on the right track!!

    • So you are having the 5-0 jitters like I was having the 3-0 jitters, eh? If it is a rough year, I pray it is because you are progressing.:)

  2. OMG! I am totally feeling the same way! Thanks for putting it in perspective! If it makes you feel better I turn 3 – 0 before you! I was voted most likely to become President umm yeah sure that’s gonna happen.


    • Haha, I forgot you were voted for that! You still have a strong leadership ability within you, though. At this point, anyone and everyone should go ahead and run for President! 🙂
      BTW, glad to know I am not alone.

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