He Put A Roof On It

Well, folks, it’s FINALLY happened:


This is what our roof looked like about 6 months ago:

From a distance, our old roof didn’t look so bad.

But up close, it was downright crusty.

When we first looked at the house, our inspector said that the roof had 1-2 years left on it tops!!  Of course, since this information didn’t discourage us from buying the house, we just decided to make do with what we had for as long as possible.

And then this happened:

The 100 mph straight-line winds that hit in May were terrible for our trees…but excellent for acquiring enough insurance money to pay for a new roof!

Which we got…5 months later.

To make a long story short, we unknowingly hired a fraudulent contractor, made the mistake of paying him for supplies and later wound up taking him to court.  Apparently, he had previously conned several other people from all over the country.

But don’t worry folks, our lawyer is a bulldog.

While all this mess was going on, we found a new (and trustworthy!!) contractor named Brandon.

Brandon was the man!

He arrived last Monday morning (just like he said he would) with a semi-truck full of roofing supplies.

It felt like Christmas morning!

At first, Brandon thought there were only two layers of existing tile on our roof, but as the crew got to work, they discovered three!

So they ripped it all off!

I just love getting rid of extra baggage!

Once all of the old tile was off, the crew re-decked the roof before putting on the beautiful new tiles.

Three days and a lot of noise later (the cats were NOT happy!)…

…we had a gorgeous, brand-spaking-new roof!

Even though the exterior of our house still needs perfecting (i.e. new siding and windows and porch), I am so encouraged by the completion of this project.

Thank you, Brandon, for putting a roof on it!


5 thoughts on “He Put A Roof On It

  1. What a great day!
    Next great day will be when y’all recover money from the tirdhead of misery.

    Er, your attorney prefers ” personal hellhound” to “bulldog” as a descriptive term …. makes her sound so much slimmer! LOL

    Now, LET IT RAIN !!

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