Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #6 My Two Cow Friends

Everyone has little things about themselves that even their spouse doesn’t know.

For me, Dave didn’t know I had cows.

When I was 6 years old, my family owned two cows.

I bet none of you ever took me as the cow-type, huh?

Well, I was.

In fact, these cows were my best friends.

Weren’t they adorable??

I never thought I would befriend a cow considering their size, smell and slimy snouts.

But then I fed one of them a carrot.

And that one carrot made that cow so happy that I stopped being afraid and grossed out by their species and started being their friend.

Everyday after school, I would go to their pen at the back of our property.  Sometimes, I would surprise them with a corn cob or a piece of celery; other times I would just lay next to them in the hay and tell them about my day.

And they would always sit and listen in silence, thoughtfully chewing their cud.

It was a totally unexpected friendship.

But those are the best kind.

Happy Mooooo-nday!


4 thoughts on “Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #6 My Two Cow Friends

  1. I had to pick up all their cow pies on my 10th birthday so my friends wouldn’t see them. They were EVERYWHERE!! I think I gave up after the 30th pie!

    • HAHA! Really? That sounds like a typical Carrasco childhood b-day. 😉 Was that the party where Adriana ooo-lips showed up?

    • You drew quite a crowd, though. Didn’t a BOY show up? I couldn’t have imagined a boy ever coming to one of my birthday parties.:)

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