Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #8 Overdoing It

Thirty thoughts on anything is a lot of thoughts!

Why did I have to pick “30” thoughts?

Why didn’t couldn’t I have just picked 5 or 10?

Because I am Leilani.

And Leilani is ambitious.

To her detriment.

When I was in 5th grade, our elementary school held a student art show.  Since I was into Egypt at the time, I decided I would construct a pyramid.

But not just any pyramid.

I was going to create a paper-mache-clay-mud-paint pyramid and here was how I planned to do it:

Step #1: Build a tetrahedral wooden frame.

Step #2: Construct walls out of paper-mache around the wooden frame.

Step #3: Reinforce the walls using clay.

Step #4: Form tiny bricks out of mud, dry the bricks in the sun, attach them to the pyramid using fresh mud.

Step #5: Paint the whole structure with 3 different colors of tempera paint to create depth and texture.

Step #6: Totally “wow” the art judges.

Step #7: Totally win 1st place.

Here’s how my pyramid ACTUALLY turned out:

Step #1: Informed mother of my idea and provided her with lengthy supplies list.

Step #2: Supplies list was vetoed.

Step #3: Decided to half-assedly construct pyramid out of a mixture of mud, glue and newspaper instead.

Step #4: Final product looked like shit.

Step #5: Did not enter pyramid in contest.

While flinging fistfuls of mud together, I wondered if it might have been more fun to build my pyramid out of sugar cubes.

But then again, other kids has done that before, and I wanted to do something different and extraordinary!  I wanted my pyramid to blow all those other lame pyramids out of the water!

So I burnt myself out instead.


This weekend, my husband and I will be finishing up our floor-painting project.

And wall-painting project(s).

And fireplace-painting project.

AND wood burning stove-painting project.

AND trim-painting project.

It’s an ambitious list, I know.

But that’s Leilani for you.


3 thoughts on “Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #8 Overdoing It

  1. I am currently in bed suffering from an all over body ache that mimicks whiplash because I overdid it this week. Every joint hurts, every muscle is sore. I am only getting out of bed to pee. Add a load of stress and the fact that my mother felt she had to tell me what god told her to tell me (you know, how to run your life stuff. Dont know why he doesnt just call me, he has my number … hmmm…. ) I am in the dumps today. Ambitious,yes, but I got results. So I dont feel bad about taking a day off. I think I will go soak in a hot tub in my newly sparkling clean bathroom!

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