Floor Painting Update: We’re ALMOST THERE!!

We’ve removed the old carpet.

We’ve sanded.

We’ve filled cracks and crevices.

And we’ve sanded some more!

This floor painting project will be one of the most transformational and yet the most overwhelming house project that Dave and I will have ever completed.

It all started back in August when I pulled up the first of the carpet.

And it shall all end this weekend when we apply the final coat of paint!

This is me looking really excited about finally getting to apply some paint to those dadgum floorzzzzzz.

(I was getting absolutely SICK AND TIRED of filling cracks and sanding!)

Just to give you a taste of how far we have come, here are a few before and after shots…

This is what the study looked like a year ago:


*Please note the pepto-pink walls and dirty carpet.

Here is what the study looks like today with stenciled walls and a primed floor:


Here are what the guest rooms looked like last year (sorry for the blurry photos!):


And here are the rooms with their new paint jobs and primed floors:


Hey, pay no mind to that nasty door, okay?  It’s the floors we are focusing on right now.  🙂

Moment of truth: When I say that we “primed” the floors, what I really mean is that I didn’t like my initial paint color choice after it dried.

So for my own peace of mind, I totally meant to make that paint mistake.


Here’s to the completion of a large but rewarding project!!!

We will see you on the other side!!


3 thoughts on “Floor Painting Update: We’re ALMOST THERE!!

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