Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #9 The Letter People

Until I was 7 years old, a show called The Letter People aired on our local public television station.

My sisters and I were crazy about The Letter People, and we would anxiously await its arrival in the daily line-up. 

Sesame Street.

Mr. Rogers.

3-2-1 Contact.

These were all ways to pass the time while we waited.

Then, finally!, 2 o’clock would come and we would drop everything and race to the t.v.

We raced because we didn’t want to miss the theme song which was one of our most favorite parts of the whole show.

The Letter People.

It was such an important part of my 5-year-old life.

What I find outrageous, however, is that NO ONE besides my sisters and I have ever watched this show.

Not my husband.

Not my friends.

No one.

Even friends from the SAME town with the SAME PBS schedule never knew of its existence.

Get with the [independently produced] program, people!

Since I’m almost 30 and have yet to find someone to swap Letter People stories with, I’ve decided to share with you the phenomenon that is The Letter People……

First of all, The Letter People are not real people.

They are puppets.

My most favorite was Mr. “S”:

Mr. S was a super man.



There was one episode in particular that was so special to us that even Momma made sure we didn’t miss it.

“Girls, The Silly Bull is on today!” she’d call from the kitchen.

I don’t remember much about The Silly Bull other than that he was a red bull that laughed.

But boy, was that laughing bull a big deal!


A few minutes ago, I got curious and looked up the episode on YouTube.

And I found it!

(And I got really excited.)

(Maybe too excited.)

And then I watched it here!


It’s always a strange feeling to return to something so nostalgic.

In other words:  This was my favorite t.v. show?  This used to be the highlight of my day?

Okay…maybe having never watched The Letter People isn’t such a bad thing after all.

(Nevertheless, this was still an amusing, though creepy, walk down memory lane.)


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