Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #10 Good to the Last Drop

Remember that Maxwell House line: “Make Every Day Good to the Last Drop!”?

Isn’t this line such a beautiful challenge?

Wait.  Let me rephrase that:

Isn’t this line such a challenge?

As much as I wanted every day of my life to be good to the last drop, such a thing seemed downright impossible to achieve in a world full of “buts” and “what ifs.”


What if?

But what if?

As a [former] perfectionist, the majority of my first 30 years were built around these 3 words.

Consequently, I rarely had a day that was good to the last drop.

(I was mad all the time and not very fun to be around, in case you were wondering.)

The day I realized the detrimental power of the words “but” and “what if” was the day I decided that it wasn’t worth being a perfectionist anymore.

It wasn’t worth throwing a tantrum over a batch of cookies because the icing didn’t look perfect.

It wasn’t worth hurting people around me because they didn’t live up to my expectations.

It wasn’t worth having my life living me instead me living my life.

Perfectionism is a sick joke because the more one pursues perfection, the less perfection that person has.  And the more control one pursues, the less control that person has.  I pursued perfection and control, and only became more afraid and pissed off.

Who’d have thought that life doesn’t have to be perfect in order for it to be good?

With that said, I am looking forward to making my next 30 years good to the last drop!


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