Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #15 Forcing Innocent Cats Into Clothing

I have always felt compelled to dress animals.

Especially cats.


Probably for the same reason that Anne Geddes feels compelled to dress babies up as ladybugs or petunias: I just wanna see how much more cute my pets can look.

Dresses, jumpers, hats, headbands–all of these only help to enhance the adorableness of cats.

Oh, and let’s not forget Mr. Potato Head glasses:

It took me several attempts to squeeze these glasses over the ears of my kitty cat (his name was Animal), and Grandfather even gave me a spanking for not leaving the poor cat alone.

But I have NEVER been able to leave cats alone.

So I tried when Grandfather wasn’t looking until finally Animal gave in.

Giving in.

It’s the only way out for my cats.

If they struggle, I embrace them tighter.

If they hide, I find them.

If they shake out of their outfits, I simply put them back on.

I know it sounds cruel, but the results are always well worth my efforts:

I’m all smiles. Brodie? Not so much.

Awe!  Looky mah Brodie Buddy!  So sweet.

(Even though he’ll never admit it, Brodie really did love that straw hat.)

Whether female or male, each cat that enters our home must at some point wear “The Dress.”

“The Dress” is a red and white dress that I used to wear as a baby.

I only looked so-so in it.

But Baby Girl?

I can’t decide if she’s smiling or contemplating murder.

She was simply ADORABLE!!!

Sometimes, I like to cut my cats some slack by adorning them with accessories instead of full-blown outfits.

Even then, they are ungrateful.

It was a struggle keeping Brodie’s Pope hat on his little head, and as a result, I never was able to get a good photo of him wearing it.

Next time, I’m using double-sided tape.

“I’m going to kill her, I’m going to kill her, I’m going…”

I was especially proud of these makeshift bunny-ear headbands.

My cats?

They were especially NOT proud to be wearing them.

Thankfully, nobody struggled too much, and I was able to get the photo I wanted.


I will never outgrow dressing my cats.

Because cats will never stop looking cute in clothes.

One day, I plan on sewing Halloween costumes for both Brodie and Baby Girl.  I can’t decide which to to make first, though: football player and cheerleader or Raggedy Ann and Andy.

Maybe I should do both.


No cats were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Annoyed, maybe.

Bothered, probably.

Inconvenienced, definitely.

But never harmed.


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