Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #16 A Tale of Two Sisters

I have two older sisters named Leslie and Lisa.

Together we make quite the tongue-twister!

More often than not, Momma had to call all three of our names before she finally landed on the one she wanted.

“Lis-Les-UGHHHH-Leilani!  One of you ‘Ls’ get in here!”

Growing up, my sisters and I fought like cats and dogs.

Actually, Leslie and Lisa got along pretty well.  It was when I entered the room that a fight usually broke out.

Because I played with their toys without their permission.

And borrowed their clothes without their permission.

And tattled on them.

And “got away with everything.”

Therefore, Leslie and Lisa referred to the years before I showed up as “The Good Old Days.”

I don’t blame them.

I wouldn’t have wanted me around, either.  🙂

Nevertheless, I loved my sisters dearly and would have given anything to be their best friend.

It’s been 17 years since we all lived under the same roof, and I am amazed to think that, at one point in our lives, we got to see each other every day and eat dinner together every night and sleep in the same bedroom!

Now we are lucky if we all get to see each other once every 5 years.

How fortunate we were back then without even realizing it!

It has taken me all of my 20’s to process  the impact my sisters had on me, both positive and negative.  At first, all I could focus on was the negative, but now after gaining healing and understanding, I am surprised at how much my sisters really meant to me and how much they formed me into the person I am today…

I have always wished to be as brave as my oldest sister, Leslie.  She never cried on the first day of school.  She wasn’t afraid to get a job or learn to drive.  She made friends easily.  Meanwhile, I struggled with ALL of these things.

Leslie also has this amazing ability to thrive in difficult situations.  Many times I  look at Leslie’s life wonder,HOW on EARTH did she survive THAT?” 

I will never be as much of the free spirit that Leslie is, but she does inspire me to relax my hold on the need for control.

Lisa always got mad at me for trying to copy her, but she made it difficult not to because she colored the best, had the prettiest handwriting, wore the cutest clothes and took the nicest care of her stuff.  Next to her, I was a bull in a china shop.

Lisa taught me how to be candid and honest, qualities which have proved crucial to every friendship I’ve had.

Lisa also makes me laugh harder than anyone else.  Overall, she is the precious jewel in our family that no one can quite get enough of.

It has taken me almost 30 years to fully appreciate my family, and I plan on spending my next 30 years knowing and loving them even deeper.(Which means this getting-together-every-5-years nonsense has gotta stop!)


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