All Is Vanity (when removing a vanity)

It’s happening, folks!

The downstairs bathroom is finally getting some much needed TLC!

In case you were not aware of the former scariness of our downstairs bathroom, it was:




So scary that I did not step foot in this room our entire first year in the house!

Why? you ask.

Because while our house was foreclosed, local riffraff would break in and use the toilet.  And not flush.

(Above is a very pleasant description of our downstairs bathroom.  I spared you a LOT of gory details.  A LOT!)

Finally, in September, after mustering every ounce of courage I had in me, I stormed my downstairs bathroom and ripped up every shred of curled, stained linoleum off the floor.

Then I took a shower.

Then I scrubbed the walls.

Then I showered again.

After a plumber removed the crusty, stained toilet (again, sparing you LOTS of details), our little loo was looking quite lovely.

With the exception of the vanity.

I had every intention of removing the thing by myself.  I mean, how hard could removing a vanity be?

Very hard, apparently.

The job required 4 men.

And tools that I didn’t recognize.

And an entire morning.

And part of an afternoon.

At first, the project was going well, and the counter top was removed without a hitch.

(Once again, glad I didn’t decide to do this myself.  I had no IDEA the counter top had to be removed first!)

After the counter top was removed, all that was left was to pry the vanity from the wall…

…but home improvement is never that easy.

Especially if an odd-shaped drain pipe is in the way!

In the end, a hacksaw was acquired to remove the top half of the drain pipe.

With one last POP, the vanity was freed!

We all jumped for joy.

And then I took a shower.

After the excitement died down, I realized that my bathroom woes were far from over.

See this horrid white drainpipe?

It will stick out like a sore thumb when we install our shiny, new pedestal sink.

Moving the pipe over from the corner will require the work of a plumber.

But my woes go beyond plumbing!

See this hole?

It’s where the light fixture is supposed to go.

See my predicament now?

Who would install a light fixture so far to the right of a mirror?

Not only that, who would install a mirror so far to the left of the sink?

Here, I am standing where the sink will need to be.

With a mirror to my left and a light fixture to my right,  it is vanity to assume that a bathroom redo would be a quick project…


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