Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #22 My Very Serious Issue That Won’t Go Away

I have a very serious issue that won’t go away.

You will probably find my very serious issue ridiculous, but I don’t care.

It is MY issue.

And it grows stronger every year.

So here is my issue: I feel empathy for things that aren’t alive.  Particularly cartoon drawings and stuffed animals.

Pet food aisles are a nightmare for me: so many product containers with adorable drawings of hungry puppies and kitties on them!  Only problem with these containers is that once the product is used up, the contain will be thrown away.


This means that all of those cute cartoon kitties and puppies will essentially become garbage.

This reality brings me to tears.

Therefore, I only purchase cat food with photos of real cats on them.

(I TOLD you I had a serious problem!!!)

I have been this way for as long as I can remember, and I have no explanation for this strange form of empathy.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because this past week, my mean and horrible sister Leslie drew out the worst of my empathy by posting this photo on Facebook:

And here is what my mean and horrible sister wrote under this photo:

“So….I ordered some stuff online for Christmas gifts & it finally got here. I opened the box and THIS was in it. I was like what????

1) I didn’t order this!

2) WHO would order this?!?!

3) Why would someone even make this?! It’s dumb!

So I wrote an email to the company & they apologized & said I could keep the cat while they send me my real stuff. Ugh! Why would I even want this thing? It’s not even cute!

It isss pretty soft tho. So then I saw the tag on its ear [I Can Has Cheezeburger?] & googled it….to be continued.”

After reading this entry, I cried a little.  The kind of crying where your bottom lip pushes out.

I was so distraught over the bashing of this innocent, non-alive cat that I called my sister and tearfully pleaded that she spare the animal.

So she posted this the next day:

“Dear Leilani, all because of you & your ridiculous tearful phone call last night, I get to live in a collection of only the specialest, most sentimental keepsakes. Thank you for saving me from Chance’s [Leslie’s DOG!] teeth.

Love, Happy Plush Cat.

PS: You have issues.

PSS: Do you have any cheezburgerz I can has? My hopeful eyes are not so prominent in this pic on purpose so that you won’t be sad =)”

*In case you are in the dark about this Cheezeburger cat, this might help:

I am overjoyed that my empathy for the Happy Plush Cat saved it from almost certain doggie toy-dom!

I am also overjoyed that I found this info clip of Happycat.

I am furthermore making this photo the wallpaper on my computer monitor.

I am NOT, however, getting over this empathy issue any time soon.

Maybe by the time I turn 40?



If you have or know of any stuffed animals and/or pet cartoons doomed for doggie toy-dom, the garbage or other such evils, please inform me at once!!


9 thoughts on “Thirty Thoughts on Turning 30: #22 My Very Serious Issue That Won’t Go Away

  1. I can’t help laughing at this. It’s hilarious!! My 2 girlies, Lola and Chicha have a basket filled with stuffed toys. They love them….they love pulling the stuffing from them and leaving huge messes with the stuffed animals innereds! I know for a fact my youngest pup would’ve loved that kitty! Lol! Good story…

  2. Heeeee OK I need to comment on this one. I TOTALLY know what you’re talking about with connections to stuffed animals. I have a small shelf in my closet full of them (saved for “sentimental reasons”). I’m just not quite at the point where I can give them away to someone else where they won’t have the same meaning–Like the Beanie Baby dogs my friends and I would play with that were all named after our own dogs/dogs we knew/dogs we wished we had. How can I give up Sandie, Jocko, and Wishbone? Or the three different Mickey Mouse plushies I went through since I would wear one out, get another, wear it out… and yet I still have all three after over twenty years. It’s terrible but I can’t quite give them up yet 😀 Maybe one day I’ll finally realize it will be better for at least someone else’s kids to enjoy them than for me to hoard them in my closet……. but maybe not the Mickeys. Gotta start slow, you know.

    • Haha! That’s great Jill! Did you ever apologize to your stuffed animals after thoughtlessly throwing them off the bed before going to sleep. Did you ever make a concerted effort not to suffocate the toy you DID sleep with?
      However, I would keep your keepsakes. Both Dave and I kick ourselves for giving away the things that were precious to us in our childhood.:)

  3. I once insisted that my mom not throw my Nosey Bear, George, into the trunk because he couldn’t breathe in there. Yeah I was probably 9 years old but still. Also I talk to my bears sometimes :o/ what is wrong with us?

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