Momma’s Mad Sewing Skills

My Momma was, and still is, a rock star.

I realize this every time I come home and browse through the family photo box. 

The black and whites of my Momma are my favorites. 

Behold, Momma’s rock star close-up:

(It’s hard NOT to look like a rock star in a black-and-white close-up.)

(Even if your hair happens to be in rollers.)

I am most intrigued by these early photos of my Momma, not only because of her timeless beauty, but because of her outfits.

I call this look “Badass Bo-Peep”:

Momma [obviously] sewed this outfit using a bridesmaid’s dress pattern. 

And, yes, she wore the hat with it.

From the age of 12, Momma sewed all of her clothes. 

Yes, all of them!

But not just any clothes.

She sewed clothes with zippers and tucks and collars and ruffles and every other feature you can imagine.

(To those of you who have never sewed, zippers and tucks and collars and ruffles are a bitch!)

In short, Momma had some mad sewing skills!

Here she is in a more reserved black-and-white minidress:

I really hope she wore go-go boots with this outfit!

(Momma just informed me that she did NOT wear go-go boots with this outfit.)


Momma also made two-piece dress suits…

…which she wore in the desert.

(I have NEVER looked this fashionable in a desert.)

(Or at a mall.)

(Or at a party.)

I also never looked this fabulous in orange:

(Why, oh WHY did I not inherit my Momma’s small waist???)

A cute figure is key to pulling off otherwise risky looks:

Bright pink collar. 

White nurse clogs.

Still badass.

The last time I visited White Sands National Park, I wore cut-offs and a tank top.

The first time Momma visited White Sands National Park, she wore a floral tunic and trousers:

When I used to work in a retirement center cafeteria, I wore faded black slacks and a stained white shirt.

When Momma used to work in a high school cafeteria, she wore Japanese-inspired gowns:

Just look at that sassy face!

(Momma was “fierce” way before Christian Siriano ever entered the picture!)

I wish Momma would have saved this red and white dress for me:

I might have been able to squeeze into it…when I was 12.

As if her mad sewing skills weren’t mad enough, Momma even sewed her own wedding dress…

…in less than a day!!!!

(Don’t you just love those pink barrettes?)

Here she is looking lovely with my sister Leslie:

If I was the mother of an infant, I would refuse to wear anything but sweats and muumuus.

But when you are a rock star, you look tailored in any situation.

Especially if you have mad sewing skills!!!

As if sewing for herself weren’t enough, she also sewed cute outfits for my sisters and I.

And our dolls.

And our Barbies.

Unfortuantely, Momma doesn’t sew as much as she used to. 

First of all, material is way too overpriced. 

Second of all, sewing is hard on her eyes and back.

But Momma has more than proven her mad sewing skills.

Thank you, Momma, for helping us all look like rock stars.


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