Painted Floors: THE REVEAL!!!

Ok, I think it’s about time I finally reveal our newly-painted floors!

If I could sum up the entire floor painting project in one word it would be:


But If I could sum up the entire floor painting project in two full words [along with exclamatory punctuation] it would be:


Worth it…despite us having to rip up and haul off the smelly, dusty carpet and linoleum:

Worth it…despite us having to clean and level the subfloor:

Worth it…despite us having to sand the subfloor:

I repeat: It was all worth it!

Before Dave and I took on this project, I felt like a slave to our ugly floors.  However, since we couldn’t afford new carpet or laminate, I refused to make our house a home until we found a way to improve our floors.  This meant no curtains on the windows, no paintings on the walls, no beauty, no creativity, nothing.

I must admit, living in such a bare state was very depressing.

Here, let me show you what I mean…


Stop #1: The Living Room Carpet

Behold, our living room carpet.  (This photo was snapped before we even bought the place!)

Please observe the island of orange and tan linoleum amidst the sea of gray-beige carpet.

Stop #2: The Kitchen Linoleum

And here are our kitchen floors.  (Last one to detect where the plumber cut a hole in the floor is a rotten egg!!!)

Mid-Tour Confession: You cannot tell a soul, but…I only mopped these floors once.  Not only that, we had been living in the house 8 months before I finally decided to mop them.

Don’t worry, we lived in the house 2 months before I even decided to sweep them.

(I was kinda in a rut, okay?)

Stop #3: The Massive Rust Stain

Sorry, Brodie is covering up the massive rust stain.

Or blood stain.

Who knows?

Neither Dave nor I wanted to get to the bottom of that mystery.



Needless to say, I was head-over-heels excited when I discovered that we could afford to PAINT our floors!!

After a little online research and several trips to the hardware store, Dave and I were on our way to making our house a home.

The minute I began pulling up the carpet, I knew we had made the right decision.

Translation: You know your carpet and linoleum are nasty when the removal of them instantly improves the appearance of your home!!

Everything looked (and smelled) so much cleaner:

It was encouraging to watch our home transform with each step of the project.

For more photos of the process, click here!

2 months later, here is how are floors are looking…


(Furniture is next on my list of things to paint!)

(I’m still trying to figure out which rug looks best where.)

(3 coats of polyurethane = super-shiny floors)

Though I am very pleased with the look of the floors, they are not a permanent solution.  Eventually, Dave and I would like to install laminate wood flooring and Berber carpet throughout most of the house.

In the meantime, painting our floors was a practical and beautiful way to improve the condition of our subfloors.

We are excited about the transformation and I cannot wait to start making this house a home!!

For more ideas on floor painting, click here and follow the links!


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