Cat Nap

In order for Brody to take a nap, he must first find the warmest, most fuzzy blanket in the house.

Then, he must do this:

Some people call this behavior “kneading.”

Others call it “making biscuits.”

Dave and I call it “nuzzling.”

NUZZ-ling: (v) when a kitty rhythmically presses their sweet little paws into something soft and squishy.  Common side effects of nuzzling include: deep purring, light drooling and cat-napping:

Common side effects of cat-napping include: squeals of delight from cat-mama, eventual termination of nap due to hugs and kisses from cat-mama


2 thoughts on “Cat Nap

    • Isn’t he, though? I’m thinking he might actually be able to help me in the kitchen with those kneading skills. Do you have a cat? (BTW, how did you stumble across my blog?)

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