My Official Bucket List

Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up and realized that I’ve never made an official bucket list for my life.


There are so many things I hope to do in this life, but unless I write them down, my hopes will only remain hopes.

And I don’t want to hope…I want to EXPERIENCE!


(In no particular order)

#1. Learn these three dances

So that I can dance them at every party I attend.

Single Ladies

Don’t Tell Me

Thriller (I know some, but not all, of this dance)

#2. Sky Dive…at least once

(I’m not saying I won’t be scared.)

#3. Visit all of my favorite European countries with Dave…at least twice

Favorite countries include: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Greece and Norway…and counting!

The White Cliffs of Dover in Dover, England. Can't wait to return!

 #4. Model in a magazine or fashion show

This might be the most difficult to make happen, but it has ALWAYS been a desire!

#5. Shop an open fish and farmers markets in the Pacific Northwest.

#6. Visit a lighthouse in Maine

(I will be crossing this off my list this coming fall!!)

#7. Be a total bad-ass for one night

For me, the best way to be a bad-ass for one night is to attend a Muse concert in London…

…wearing these clothes…

…and this make-up:

A little strange?  Yes!  A little specific?  You betcha!  

But it’s MY bucket list!

#8. Go Salsa Dancing a la Along Came Polly

Every weekend wouldn’t be bad!

#9. Irish dance in an Irish pub

And maybe sing an Irish drinking song or two.

#10. Have my own cooking show or write my own cookbook or maybe just meet Ina Garten

Or maybe all three?

#11.  A bunch of other stuff

Finish reading The Count of Monte Cristo, learn how to make gumbo, buy a gallon of real maple syrup from a country store in Vermont, go on a trip with my Momma and sisters, wear a bikini to the beach, visit the grocery store in my wedding dress (it’s a really comfortable dress) and grow a peach tree.


5 thoughts on “My Official Bucket List

  1. Love this! Especially the part about learning the dances…been on my todo list 😉 Have you heard of Just Dance? Or MJ Experience? That’s my plan for attaining said dance moves.

    Also, Skydiving is not as scary as it seems. Way better than a roller coaster cause you don’t lose your stomach. I’ve gone twice!

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