What We Discovered in the Back Yard…

Even after a year and a half, the discoveries in our house are unending!

Unfortunately, these discoveries are rarely ever pleasant surprises.  (Like the used condom I found in the guest room closet.  Or the meth ingredients Dave found in the cellar.  Or the knife and the crack pipe I found in the attic room.)

Yesterday, however, our discovery took place in the back yard…

When Dave and I first bought the house, we noticed a tiny hole in the back yard.  Upon further investigation with a very bright flashlight, we realized that the tiny hole was a very deep hole that had water in the bottom of it.

“EUREKA!” we exclaimed, “We’ve struck gold!!!”

Finding a water well on our acre+ property was a huge relief considering how much water we would need to maintain a lawn and garden.  All we had to do was install a pump!

Which leads us to yesterday when the pump installer (let’s call him Mr. Pump) arrived.  He took one look at the tiny hole and asked for a shovel.

And here is what the shovel unearthed:

All this time I never knew I had a large piece of metal lurking under my grass.

And here’s what was lurking under the metal:


“Wow,” Mr. Pump marveled, “They don’t make them like this anymore.”

(For the record, this is also what Mr. Plumber said about our pipes and what Mr. Electrician said about our wiring and what Mr. Insulator said about our walls.)

Mr. Pump went on to inform me that this was a hand-dug well and, by the looks of it, at least a hundred years old.

One hundred years old?

Hand dug?


But…was it still useable?

A weighted measuring tape lowered down into the chasm reveled the answer: NO.

[insert big, fat, frustrated sad face here]

Apparently, the lower bricks of the well had collapsed over time, plugging the water up.  To remove the rubble would be next to impossible and, even then, the well would not be up to code.

So now, instead of having a free water source, Dave and I have a three-foot-wide, twenty-foot-deep, dangerous-but-fascinating historic pit which we could do one of two things with:

-Charge people to spelunk down it.

-Fill it in.

Anybody got two thousand cubic feet of dirt or gravel lying around?


3 thoughts on “What We Discovered in the Back Yard…

  1. Hey, if Dave ever makes you really angry, or vice versa, you can run him over to the well and jump over it and then turn around and watch him fall in. Just like Dolores Claiborne! 🙂

    • You are twisted. I almost shat a brick yesterday when he put the cover back over the well because he stumble a little and looked like he was gonna fall in! But you have given me a good idea for other people that make me mad. hahaha

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