Burn and Crash

Earlier this month, I participated in something called the Advocare 24-Day Challenge.  A weight loss system in nature, I took the challenge because I was curious if it would:

a.) Improve my sugar cravings

b.) Improve my excema (since the diet forbids sugar and gluten)

c.) Improve my muscle tone and physical performance

d.) Reduce belly fat

This Challenge is composed of two parts:

Cleanse (10 days) + Burn (14 days) = 24 days.

Here is what I looked before and after the Cleanse.


The Cleanse was my friend; I felt confident and in control.

And then it was time for the Burn.

The Burn was not my friend.

The Burn was the Nazi regime.

All I was allowed to eat was protein and vegetables.  Then I had to take roughly 16 pills a day, most of which had to be taken at very specific times. (So specific, in fact, that I kept forgetting to take them!)  These pills were a mixture of multivitamins, omega fats, appetite suppressants and “thermogens.”  (These “thermogens” are the key to the Burn because they help increase metabolism.)

Nevertheless, I felt nauseous, shaky, emotional and out of control on the Burn.  During this time, a friend asked me if this Challenge made me feel any healthier.  My answer was, “Well…NO!”

So I revolted!

After a week of hanging the costs and enjoying carbs and dairy, I caught a bad cold.  Not wanting to compromise my immune system, I stopped taking the thermogens and technically never finished the Challenge.

So, in short, I crashed and burned.

Or burned and crashed.

Here is what I looked like after the (unfinished) 14-day Burn phase:

Towel or no towel. Bag over my head or no bag over my head. Does it really matter at this point?

Despite my less-than-ideal finish, I learned many things about myself and my body during this 24-day experiment.  In all, I discovered that:

-Cutting sugar out of my diet for a period of time did not obliterate my sugar cravings, but it did reduce my sugar cravings.  Now, instead of eating an entire box of Junior Mints, I am satisfied with a handful.

-Removing gluten and sugar from my diet did NOT improve my eczema.

-I simply do not value pills and supplements no matter how helpful they claim to be.  I want my health to be dependent on a healthy diet and exercise, not a pill.   As for vitamins, I’m still not sure how I feel about their effectiveness.

I cannot stick to something I do not believe in.

-A complete lack of starches makes me feel nauseous and depressed.

-Boundaries are very helpful.  Too many boundaries, however, and I revolt.

-Eating is an emotional experience.  I don’t eat in restaurants or share a meal with friends simply because I need to refuel my body.  I do these things because eating and sharing all kinds of food is fun. 

-Eating for fuel, on the other hand is boring and lonely (even if it is efficient).

I love food.

-I will always love food.

-I will always have dessert, I will always try a bite, I will always partake.  Period.

-I will always keep trying to be healthier because I like being and feeling healthy. 

-And I like wearing bikinis.

So here’s to my health and yours!


15 thoughts on “Burn and Crash

  1. Hey, have you ever tried JuicePlus+? Jud and I started taking it a few months ago because if it can stand up to the test of keeping up with our crazy schedule, then it’s a keeper. It’s not a vitamin either, it’s condensed whole food-17 fruits & veggies and 8 whole grains-so there’s not question whether your body will actually absorb the nutrients. Plus, they come in gummies and not just pills (so it’s pretty much like snacking on candy…)…and there’s a bazillion health benefits. We LOVE it 🙂

      • Right off the bat, increased energy. I find I crave healthier foods, and my skin complexion has improved. Jud has lots of issues with allergies and it is seeming to help him not get sick (his allergies always lead to sinus infections). This has all been within 6 weeks. Honestly, just knowing that my body is getting the nutrition it needs to be the best it can be is a huge victory for me. I feel like I’ve tried everything under the sun, but because we travel so much, no routine was ever that sustainable. So yay for Juice Plus+!

  2. I have lost 41 pounds so far by following a simple plan:

    80/20 – eat 80 percent fruits and vegetables (raw, cooked, or juiced) and 20
    percent whatever you want.

    Make sure you want it – think before you put something in your mouth. If it is not causing orgasms in your mouth spit it out (seriously I have done this) and save the calories for more orgasmic foods.

    Give up soda drink water – this alone will improve your health immeasurably! I put fresh lemon, lime, and other juices in my water to enhance it. I recently discovered agua fesca and I love it!!!

    • Way to go, Colleen!! I will say that I only ate the best offerings last night and didn’t waste time on the Dorito taco. haha I agree, only amazingly good foods. 🙂

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  4. FYI AdvoCare is not FDA approved – no supplements are. Advocare just tests their products more thoroughly than most.

    • You are right. I thought I had changed that part. I WAS, however, told that the products were FDA approved by my mentors or whoever sells you the stuff. Not cool.

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