Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

Until this past weekend, all I could focus on when I stepped into my backyard was this:

Even though I wanted this shed destroyed from day one, after spending five weekends cleaning the junk out of it, I had a change of heart and decided to use it for a chicken coop.

But as it turns out, I have no frikin’ time to tend to a bunch of chickens, so it was back to wanting the shed destroyed.

At last, thanks to the efforts of my loving husband and our sledgehammer-savvy friend Elliott , I am thrilled to report that the shed is GONE!!!!!

Here are some snapshots from the day:

Dave and Elliott had to first pry the metal siding off of the shed’s frame.

Mismatched sheets of scrap metal had been attached to the frame with staples. How ghetto is that?

Glad you’re up there instead of me, Elliott.

Ridiculous levels of destruction were made possible by “The Thor Hammer.”  (I can always count on Dave to put a comic-hero spin on things.)

“And now, Shed of Ill Repute, I shall finish you off,” Dave announces.

Now, to find a good use for all of this wood!

I think I’ll use the extra lumber to build raised beds in our kitchen garden.

There are still a few piles of odds and ends to clean up, but I am LOVING my new view. Thanks Dave and Elliott!!

Hurray for productive weekends!!

Last week at this time, I was wondering when I would ever get around to tackling my spring to-do list.  This week, I am checking things off my to-do list!

Having some level of accountability helps me cross those projects off my list. This is why I have been linking up with Pankcake and French Fries’ William Morris Project. Check it out, get inspired, and start checking off your own projects!


9 thoughts on “Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

  1. Hooray for getting that shed down! I admit, I laughed when I read “no freakin’ time for chickens” because, seriously, how true is that?! With all the Pinterest pins, I’m a bit afraid that chickens will be the next Easter bunnies – everyone buys them with dreams of collecting their own eggs for breakfast each morning in the sunkissed dewey dawn – but the reality is a bit stinkier and a whole lot messier than that, I’m afraid. Which is why I appreciate people who raise chickens and I buy my eggs from them. 🙂

    • Very well put. 🙂 I, too, have friends who raise chickens and I realized, “Why buy the chicken when I can get the eggs for free?” 😉

  2. The view is much nicer, now! That’s some serious progress! I can’t wait to see how you make your raised beds…one of these years I’d like to have some.

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