How to Bathe Your Cat

Fur-shedding season has come early this year thanks to the [already!!] 90 degree weather.  Around our house, fur-shedding time means BATH TIME for our cats!

Bathing a cat is a very delicate matter.  The only way I am able to get my two kitties near the water is, 1.) they have received baths since kittenhood2.) I trim their nails on a regular basis, and 3.) I lavish them with praises during the entire bath–this seems to calm them.

(For those of you who are on the verge of calling PETA, chill out.  Brodie and Baby Girl receive a maximum of two baths a year.)

Bath day starts out very promising for the cats because I let them cut loose outside where they can get as dirty as they wish.  Baby Girl chooses to roll around in the biggest pile of dirt she can find:

Brodie’s method is a little more reserved.  He prefers lounging in the flowers:

After each cat gets good and dirty, I start the baths.

Brodie is usually the first to go.

He actually likes the tub because he enjoys drinking from the faucet.

Brodie does NOT, however, enjoy getting doused under the faucet.  He let out a few yowls of protest, but overall he was very patient and cooperative….

…until I turned the faucet off.  Then he leaped out of the tub, slid around on the floor and made me chase after him with the towel.

No matter how much care I put into drying and combing his fur, Brodie prefers to lick every piece of hair until it is in the right place.

When it comes to bathing Baby Girl, she refuses to get wet alone.

This means that I have to get in the tub with her.  Overall, she is pretty cooperative…if she has something to hang onto.  She always goes for the faucet nobs first:

The only problem with grabbing onto the knobs is that it adjusts the water temperature for the worse.

“Baby Girl, stop that!  You are making the water too cold.”


Baby Girl’s second option is to turn around and hang onto me.  

(Who wouldn’t love a big, wet kitty hug?)

The only part of the body that does not get wet during the kitty bath is the kitty head.  I want my cats to get clean, not sick.

At last!  Bath time was over and our tub was full of cat hair and dirt.  (I spared you this photo.)

“You DO understand that you will pay dearly for this, right?


My cats finally clean, I sprawled out on the bed for a nap.  Never one to miss out on nap time, Baby Girl jumped into the crook of my arm, looked me straight in the eye and began purring.

Bath or no bath, my cats still love me.


7 thoughts on “How to Bathe Your Cat

  1. the first pic of baby girl grabbing on to the faucet is great. it reminds me of the time Silas was clinging to the window to get away from the vacuum. LOL!

  2. Such a horrible buy necessary chore! Bathing animals can be tricky but I’ve found spending a little bit and taking my bulldog to the groomer is worth it.

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