Woman versus Garden

Today, I am linking up with the William Morris Project over at Pancakes and French Fries.  Check it out and get inspired!

The biggest, fattest project on my Spring To-Do List was to get my garden plot ready.

And amazingly, I did it!!

Here is what the plot looked like 2 weeks ago:

And here is what the plot looks like after 7 days of tilling, digging, weeding, muscle-pulling, ice-applying and raking:

At first, I was going to apply an herbicide to the grass, but in the end I decided I would still have to pull the dead grass out so why not spare my soil the poison?

I still have some pathways to finish, and more than once I have stopped to ask myself, “What the heck am I thinking??”

My garden is gargantuan, and I am wondering how on earth I will keep up with it…

…but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I’m so glad that I saved the plastic borders that used to line my garden at our former home.  They have sat dormant in the garage through two summers and now they are finally getting put back to use.

I am also grateful for the local recycling center that offers premium mulch for a ridiculously amazing price of $3 a TRUCKLOAD!!!

(I still need about 4 more truckloads.)

As with every home improvement project here, I usually discover something unpleasant:

I’m pretty sure this isn’t a human skull.  But then again, what barbarian buries their dog a mere six inches underground??

I also found a quarter from 1983.


Hopefully, by next week I shall have plants in the ground and mulch everywhere.

And then hopefully stuff will grow.


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11 thoughts on “Woman versus Garden

  1. There was a shallow dog grave barbarian at our house too! Unfortunately, the one I found wasn’t as….clean as yours. It was still gooey. Yuck! Your garden looks amazing, I can’t wait to see how it fills in!

    • Oh god!! HORRIFYING! Maybe it was a good thing our house was on the market for 2 years before we bought it. Phew!

  2. That garden is huge! I am jealous. Seriously. What all are you planting? What’s your garden plan? So excited to see all the fruits of your labour. Amazing job.

    • So far, I am planting all types of tomatoes and peppers and squashes. Cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe….tons of my favorite herbs including lemon grass. We’ll see how it fares. So excited!! Why don’t you have a garden, Jenn?

      • I’ve been saving for a proper garden. I do grow plants and garden, but my backyard is ~6’x10′ (not complaining, just very small)…I’m working on getting a veg. garden planted, but have been working on the soil (it is questionable what was there, and might be unsafe for veg. growing). Going to do a sq’ garden and bring in some climbers. But it is too early to plant veg right now in Vancouver (for the most part), going to wait until a little bit later spring.

      • Wow! Here, I am a little bit late planting because of this ridiculous heat. We reached 90 F in MARCH!

  3. Yes, please post update photos of that fabulous garden. I so want to be a gardener! I’ll have some produce to show for it, but not like a real gardener would be able to show off.

  4. This looks like a garden plot my dad would have made. He loved big gardens and loved to see things sprout from the soil. I believe he is looking down from heaven and smiling on you and Dave with your great gardening talents. I cannot wait to see what will be growing when I visit in a few weeks

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