My Favorite Place in the World

Once again, I am linking up with the William Morris weekly project at Pancakes and French Fries because I believe that having a functional home helps me behave less dysfunctionally.

The interior dysfunctions of our house have been put on hold for the past couple of weeks because I have chosen to [happily] slave away in our brand-spanking-new vegetable garden instead.  After 2 weeks of tilling and weed-pulling and shoveling, it was finally time for PLANTING!!!

The first step was to acquire what I am calling “The Stuff”:

I piled my rows high with a layer of this gorgeous compost while chattering my husband’s ear off as to how excited I was that my garden was getting such good stuff.

I continued to chatter as I worked the compost into the top 4 inches of the soil:

Thankfully, the day was cool and overcast–a perfect time for planting.  Had the day been sunny and hot, I would have had to hold off planting until the early evening.

(God must have sensed my impatience.)

After divvying up my plants to their designated spots, I dug holes slightly deeper than the length of the plant roots and filled each hole to the brim with compost tea.

(Compost tea can be found at most garden stores and helps give plants an added boost of nutrients.  All I did was pour a couple tablespoons of the tea into a gallon jug, filled the jug with water until the mixture was the color of weak tea and filled each hole to the brim with the liquid.)

Once the tea was absorbed, I carefully removed each plant from its container and placed it in the hole.

After pressing the soil firmly around the plant, I formed a small “moat” around the plant base.  (This helps corral the water you give to the plant.  Otherwise, water just gushes everywhere and erodes the soil around your precious Early Girls!)

Five hours later, my garden was brimming with plants.  Hurray!!!

Five days later, I cannot stop thinking about my garden, sneaking peaks at my garden, walking in my garden.  It is my favorite spot in the world right now.

So let’s recap!




I cannot wait for step four: VEGETABLES!!!!


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Place in the World

  1. So exciting. You are going to have quite the bounty!
    Have you grown a lot of tomatoes before? They really don’t like to get above a certain temperature, and don’t like water on them. Do you trellis or stake? I was thinking about growing some down from the window upstairs, see how it works – I’ve always done them ‘espalier’ style to get more fruit…but there’s probably better ways.
    Good luck with your garden, it is looking fabulous!

    • I might stake some and cage others. I’m afraid if I do all stakes, one of my 15 plants will get forgotten in the mix. I have done fair with tomatoes so far but the soil I grew them in was clay. The soil is Clyde grows amazing tomatoes, I hear.

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