Tales from the Fabulous Country Living Fair

This weekend, I joined my girlfriends for some good old-fashioned girl time at the Country Living Fair in Austin, Texas and nearly asphyxiated from all the excitement.  We all had such a blast that I had to keep pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t just imagining it all.

My arm is still red from pinching myself.

I pinched myself a lot this weekend.

(That did not sound good.)

Country Living Magazine is my favoritest magazine in ALL the world and walking through the fair was like walking through the pages of an issue.




Homemade jam.

Handmade soaps.


This last item may or not be true…

…I was fairly delirious at the time.

Twice a year, Country Living Magazine hosts autumn fairs in Ohio and Georgia, and I was about to start saving for the airfare to Ohio when I discovered that CLM was hosting a spring fair in Texas!  So I wrastled up some good friends and high-tailed it to Austin.

(No, these ladies are not twins.  They are a mother and daughter who are loads of fun.  But I’ll be sure to tell Kristy that you thought Bethany was her sister.)

Homemade breads and cakes by The Great Pumpkin Patch.  Sweet name, sweeter cakes, and a super-sweet farm!!  Check them out at www.the200acres.com.

These are just a few of the vendors who were at the fair!

There was so much to see, but the first item on my list was to meet Sarah Gray Miller, editor of Country Living:

I picked up the thickest book of decorating ideas at the Country Living General Store…

…and asked Sarah to sign it.

And she did!

And then I pinched myself again.

I would be lost in my 100-year-old fixer-upper if it weren’t for the creative ideas I get from Country Living.  Here is a clever invention I spotted at one of the fair booths:

1 plain, ordinary shelf + 1 rake head = 1 double-duty coat rack/shelf.


The second item on my list was to meet Brent Ridge of Planet Green’s (but soon to be Cooking Channel’s) The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

And I did!


Brent was every bit as fabulous as the breathtaking farm he and his partner, Josh, own in upstate New York where they raise goats and grow heirloom vegetables.  I had to have a copy of their cookbook Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook which, of course, was signed by Brent himself.


I am still glowing from the memories and ideas I collected at the Country Living Fair.  Thanks to all who made the event possible, and I will be back next year with my gaggle of girlfriends!!


In summary, here is some of the loot I picked up:

1. Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook

Learn more about Brent and Josh’s farm, their artisanal goat cheese, their llama named “Polkaspot,” and much more at www.beekman1802.com!

2. Vintage Bavarian Tea Cup and Saucer from Germany

Wouldn’t it be heavenly to own a business where you travel to Europe to collect sweet treasures?  That is just what Diane does at Sweet European Dreams.  Browse through her store and you might just find a sweet trinket of your very own!

3. Rooster Egg Dress from Switzerland

Why on earth does an egg need a dress?  According to Diane at Sweet European Dreams, they were used as a way to “decorate” eggs left out on the counter. They were also used to hold warm boiled eggs while you ate them.

Go figure.

The item was so bizarre that I just HAD to have it!

Baby Girl still does not know what to make of it.

Warning: Cats do not like to wear egg dresses.

4. 500 Quick and Easy Decorating Projects and Ideas by Country Living

I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this book!  You can purchase this and other great Country Living publications at www.countryliving.com.

5. Mill Branch Olive Oil Lotion in Lavender

This rich lotion is made with olive and, WOW, does it smell amazing!!  Visit www.millbranchsoap.com for other natural, hand-crafted soaps, balms and lotions scented with essential oils.

6. Country Living Fairs

Check out upcoming dates for Country Living Fairs on Ohio, Georgia and now Texas here!


2 thoughts on “Tales from the Fabulous Country Living Fair

  1. How fun! Glad you had a great time. I grew up in Missouri on a farm and our Fair always was during my Birthday and Hay season. If the Hay didn’t get put up in the barn then we would not be able to go to the Fair! Now I look back I think my Mom teased me with that because we ALWAYS went to the Fair!!!

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