A Dresser Drawer Built for Two

Brody and Baby Girl rarely lie next to each other.

Unless there is an empty drawer nearby.

I still have my furniture sitting in what we call the “Rumpus Room” and even though it has been the hottest room in the house lately, the cats just can’t stay away from this open, inviting drawer.

When my cats do occupy the same space, I swear that they talk to each other.  I’ve seen it before.  There was this one night when Baby Girl managed to sneak out of the house for four hours!  The next day, I spied her and Brody perched on my bed staring intently at one another:

“So THEN what did you do while you were outside?”

“Well, ya know, I roamed around for a bit, ate some grass, whatev.  You’ve got to try it sometime.”

Like most children, my cats can also tell when their mama is eavesdropping.

Brodie hates it when I eavesdrop.

“I’ll tell you more about my own plans of escape once SHE leaves.”

At this point, either one of two things happens:

1. They both stare me down until I leave the room, or

2. They both leave the room.

This time, I left the room.

On a side note, Brody tried to escape yesterday.  Just took off running.

I should probably put that drawer back in the dresser…


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