We all have them; those things that our mothers used to tell us over and over.

At the time, they grated on my nerves, but now, whenever I hear the words “elbow grease” I am immediately transported to our kitchen sink where Momma used to come up behind me while I was washing dishes, take hold of my forearms and make them scrub the dishes harder, all while exclaiming, “ELBOW GRREEEASE!”

I still tease her about that.

I am also a very industrious dish washer.

What would Moms be like without Mom-isms?   Would Moms be as…momerable?

I think not.

Here are some more of my favorite Mom-isms that bring back funny momeries:


Momma’s sewing table was always a cluttered mess and, in turn, she always managed to misplace her seam ripper just when she needed it most.  (In reality, Momma’s three daughters were usually the ones to misplace it.)  


Five children have a tendency of clogging a grocery store aisle which is why Momma was constantly instructing us to walk in a single-file line…like ducks.


Whenever one of my brothers would mess up my room, I felt it necessary to decapitate them.  But that punishment didn’t fit the crime in Momma’s opinion. 

So…what DID a brother have to do to justify decapitation?


But I thought that is why you bought these Little Debbie’s Zebra Cakes.  For me to eat. 


Yet another dishwashing reference. 

I preferred my dishwater to be at a comfortable temperature. Momma liked it scalding hot.  If she every caught me filling the sink with lukewarm water, she would immediately adjust the faucet and say that I needed to wash the dishes with hot, HOT WAAATERRRR!

6. The Pat

My favorite Mom-ism of all is actually not a spoken word.  Instead, it’s the little pats on the back which she gives us whenever we hug her.  The pat is not heavy handed nor is it too light.  It’s rather a: Pat-pat.  Pat-Pat.

I’ve learned to pat-pat, too.

So now, whenever I hug Momma, she pat-pats and I pat-pats.

It’s what makes a Momma hug a Momma hug.

Happy Momma’s Day to all the wonderful, neurotic, quirky, lovable mothers out there! 

We all love you!!

Do you have any Mom-isms?


5 thoughts on “Mom-isms

  1. I hated peeling apples for a pie and when I complained Mom would say “You will never find a Man if you can’t make an apple pie!”. Thank goodness for can pie filling!

  2. you forgot “FOOOD-ah!” (her answer for when you asked what was for supper, right?)

    My mom said stuff like pile-of-mess… like there’s a pile-of-mess in the big-middle of the floor! I think I also remember her always losing her seam ripper too. And her hairbrush. Oh and on Saturdays when we were supposed to be cleaning the house, but were stalling, she would say “Quit fiddle-fartin’ around!” I’m racking my brain trying to remember more but that’s all I can come up with at the moment.

  3. When my mom was particularly dissapointed or upset with me she used to say “one day I hope you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU!” meaning she wanted me to suffer. But guess what? My duaghter IS just like me! Shes WONDERFUL!!!! 🙂

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