Des Colores

Once upon a time, I thought bright colored architecture looked ridiculous.  In my mind, houses were supposed to be brown or white, NOT teal or hot pink or lavender!

It took me moving to a place where all of the houses are either brown or white to appreciate des colores of my hometown of Anthony, NM.  Now I smile whenever I pass by the town’s salmon-colored McDonald’s, the neon-orange Mexican bakery and the neighboring grape-purple haciendas.

Unfortunately, even though I have learned to appreciate the beauty of my hometown, I have yet to learn the value of taking a picture!!!  I was so busy enjoying the views of the breathtaking architecture during this past week’s trip to New Mexico that it never occurred to me to pull out my camera.

[Donning my dunce cap]

I guess since I am not a tourist when I visit New Mexico, I do not think like a tourist.  Therefore, I had to do a Google search of the especially lovely colores I spotted in Old Mesilla, a historic village just up the road from Anthony:

Photo courtesy of Flickr by DanaEMc

Photo courtesy of

I hope I remember to USE my camera the next time I am around these amazing buildings.

In the meantime, I am officially OBSESSED with blue doors!!!

If you would like to see these places for yourself, check out Old Mesilla’s website for info on lodging, great food, entertainment and more!


9 thoughts on “Des Colores

  1. I love the xeriscaping in the bottom pic – would love to do it at our house. And yes, you’re right, Clyde certainly needs some color (and major renovations, house-wise).

    All the above pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Methinks I will introduce some color to downtown Clyde by painting my front door BLUE!!! 🙂 With your xeriscaping we could paint the town. haha

  2. If you love Blue Doors you need to see Bex Hale website (owner of Relics) she is running for Design Star HGTV. She has done a room with Blue Doors and it is awesome! Go to Relics Home website and you can see her work.

    • I have seen Bex’s work. Lovely! I thought of her when I posted the first picture of the blue door. I adore her use of old things.

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