A Place to Put My Stuff

When I was in elementary school, I followed this system of organization:

Throw everything into a garbage bag and toss it in the closet.

Dirty socks, used Kleenex, schoolwork, doll clothes, library books–nothing in my bedroom was safe from Mr. Bag.  This brilliant method of tidying up served me well.  Go clean you room, you ask?  No problem!  I’ll just throw all of this clutter in this here bag, shove it behind this here door and voila!  Instant clean room!

Unfortunately, when a slow leak developed in the shower that shared a wall with my closet, mold began to form along the floorboards where I stacked all of my trash bags.  And when Momma discovered the mold, she also discovered my secret system.

I was busted.

After being instructed to sort through the moldy bags for anything salvageable, I made up my mind to become a more organized person.  Ever since then, I have remained a neat freak.. .until this year.

The reason for my backslide is that nothing has a permanent place in our home thanks to ongoing house projects.

Take for instance, the furniture-painting project from two months ago:

Sure, our dresser looks much cuter now, but I am still not finished with it yet which means Dave and I still must store our socks and underwear on the floor by our bed:

And remember when I painted the guest bathroom waaay back in January?  Welllll, I’m still not quite finished painting the linen closet:

Before I started this project, I moved all of our toiletries from this closet to the dumbwaiter in our guest bedroom…where they still remain:

Eventually, I got fed up with having to paw through boxes to find my everyday-use toiletries so I decided to fill a container with Q-tips, nail clippers, tweezers, et cetera and keep it beside our bed.

That container was a bag:

As you can see, the bag has since mutated and now I can NEVER find ANYTHING I need out of  it!

And then, of course, there’s this big mess:

Somewhere in this dog pile is everything I need.

A few months ago, I created a specific box for all of our wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers.

So where the hell was the hammer and screwdriver that I needed yesterday?

Don’t know.

There IS a home for all of this stuff.  I promise.  I just…haven’t painted it yet:


I know that eventually everything will come together and there will be a permanent place for all our stuff.  I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and complete what little bit I can on our house projects.

In the meantime, if you happen to find a large hammer or an angled paintbrush or a bike pump or…


2 thoughts on “A Place to Put My Stuff

  1. Girl, are we related?
    This looks like our place!!!
    Paperwork goes into bags, stuff goes into bags. Yesterday I had a clean-up contest with the kids – whoever was able to fill more bags with stuff laying around would win (included toys, papers, towels, tools, just everything!).
    We just got some new furniture, moved into a new room; the paint buckets and all the tools are still sitting in between the master bedroom and the master bathroom; I have to squeeze around the vanity cabinets sitting in the middle of the bathroom because they actually go where the buckets and tools are; the big tools, saw and whatnots are still on the backporch, etc.

    In our old house, we used to stuff everything into an unused room when we had people coming over. One time we had actually put everything up into their proper places and a friend of ours couldn’t believe that we had actually put everything up. He went through every single room looking for the hiding place ;o)

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