Sunday Mornings

Once upon a time, Sundays were just another day in which I tried to accomplish a laundry list of projects.

Then I wizened up and realized that life is too short to rush a Sunday morning!

These precious hours are life’s reward and should be savored.

Should be a time to reflect on the week that has passed and mentally prepare for the week that is ahead.

Should be a time to enjoy homemade crepes filled with homemade apricot jam and to sip fresh ground coffee with more than a splash of half and half.

And so now they are!

Here are some snapshots from a typical Sunday morning:

Since Dave loves crepes so much, we decided it was time for him to learn how to make them. 

Crepes served up the way I like them: apricot jam filling, a little melted butter over the top, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a slice of fresh fruit. 

For some reason, our resident beggar always goes for Dave’s plate first…

…even though I am the only one who ever gives her handouts.

My latest project beckons me to get to work, but I am not listening right now.

Our shady deck is the perfect breakfast spot.

Post-breakfast hand-holding.

Some newly ripened tomatoes beckoned us to the garden.

Now THIS is my idea of grocery shopping!  Wonder what I’ll turn all this into…

Misty vegging out in the vegetable garden.

I used to think that I could get more done during the weekend if I slaved from dawn to dusk.  Not so!  I got less work done because I was tired and frustrated that I never had any time for myself.  It took me a lot of burning out to realize that the only way I was going to get more time to enjoy life was if I gave it to myself.  So now, I give myself time.  And it is blissful!

May your Sundays be just as blissful!


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