That’s Not Natural

I’ve never grown watermelons before.  So when I noticed our largest watermelon spouting foam like a rabid dog yesterday, I wondered “Is this…natural?”

When I cut the melon open, there was a small explosion.  Surely that wasn’t natural!

“Perhaps the fruit is just really hot from being out in the sun all afternoon,” I debated.

Since there was only one thing left to do, I took a bite of the beautiful, red flesh.

Soon, I was foaming at the mouth.  Spitting the melon into sink I realized that I had a rotten fruit on my hands.

Bummer!  We had such high hopes for that fruit!  The day I purchased the seedling, I had visions of schooner-sized melons overtaking my garden.  That’s why I kept passing this tiny melon up–I thought it was still growing.

The more I garden, the more I realize that the grocery store has given me an unnatural idea of what produce is supposed to look like.  Every fruit and vegetable offered there is big and shiny, and even though the stuff is tasteless, I still reach for the shiniest apple and the biggest ear of corn.  Meanwhile, every fruit and vegetable I pluck from a tree or my garden is dusty and on the small side, but its flavor rarely disappoints.

I learn so many things from gardening and my lesson yesterday was to pick a watermelon when IT is ready, not when I think it should be ready.


4 thoughts on “That’s Not Natural

    • I didn’t think so, but wouldn’t you know it? I found one the size of my fist hiding under the vine this morning. 🙂

  1. This is a great post and so true. I never thought about produce in the store from this perspective, but you’ve made a great point. It’s not always tasty, but it generally looks good from the outside so people will buy. There are some tasty mongo watermelons, but not all varieties are huge. I remember having a few really small watermelons when we were little and then we opened them and they were yellow ones! Boy, were we kids ever disappointed! I’m still not convinced yellow watermelon is really watermelon. 🙂

    • Ha! I know! Though I have had some pretty sweet and tasty yellow melons in my time, they never look as luscious as the red ones. Here’s to the next watermelon!

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