Bex the Unexpected

Have you ever met someone who was a breath of fresh air?  Someone who tickled your funny bone?  Someone who inspired you to access your crazy side?

For me, that “someone” was this woman:

Photo courtesy of HGTV

Rebecca, aka “Bex,” Hale is a local business owner and design star diva.

She also keeps a pair of doll legs in her toaster:

When Dave and I joined Bex and her husband (who is also a David) for dinner at her apartment, this toaster was the first of many quirky items to catch my eye.

Is this toaster just for decoration? I asked.

“No, we use the toaster,” Bex replied, “We just take the legs out whenever we want a piece of toast.”

Wow.  Now THAT is devotion to design!  I have no doubt that it was this same devotion that led the producers of HGTV’s hit show Design Star to pick Bex as one of their twelve competitors.  Earlier this year, she flew to L.A. for the filming of the show and it was one wild ride from the minute she landed!

For anyone who has ever viewed an HGTV program, you know things can get chaotic really quick: furniture is the wrong size, it pours rain on landscaping day, the cabinets are the wrong color.  In a way, all of HGTV’s programs are reality shows because all of these challenges occur in real life!

But Design Star?

Design Star is the Ninja Warrior of design shows because it requires the competitors to run through a near-impossible gauntlet of challenges that go beyond just decorating a room.  Bex had to juggle difficult partners (read: JERKS), sleepless nights and time crunches–just to name a few!

And yet, she still had room in her brain to produce creative and quirky ideas:

Photo courtesy of HGTV

I’m grateful Bex made it out alive because we all need a Bex in our lives.

Here are some snapshots from our quirky evening:

Behold: The lobby of the lovely Wooten Inn in downtown Abilene, TX.  Mile-high ceilings, lux wainscoting, rich floors–the perfect home for a designer!

Even though Bex and David’s apartment is a mere 600 square feet, they still manage to have a chic entryway.  Hm…wonder what’s behind that orange curtain?

What a clever way to hide an unsightly breaker box! 

If you live in the Abilene area and love great design, stop by Bex’s lovely store, Relics!

I’m not sure what I love more: their sassy cat, Birdie, or that shapely, smurf-colored chair.

Who am I kidding?  The cat!

And the chair.

Gasp!  The Emperor Strikes Cat!

This work of art hangs above Bex’s bedside table so it only makes sense that I want one over MY bedside table now.

Here is what the rest of the bedroom looks like. 

Bex found those gorgeous old church doors in Mexico.  Ok, I’m gonna need a pair of those, too!

Drool!  Another Mexico find: mile-long antique World War II trunks.  Bex uses them as bench seating at her dinner table.

This gargantuan hand bowl neighbors the creepy-fabulous toaster. 


What’s an entertaining evening without a barrage of YouTube cat videos?  We all laughed so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks. 

The biggest “tear-jerkers” of the night?  Inception Cat and Thriller Cat.  Watch them.  Now.

Of the many clever items sprinkled throughout her apartment, Bex models her favorite. 

I shall call this piece, “Bex Vader.”

Here’s to refreshing friendships!


Catch Bex on Design Star!

Photo courtesy of HGTV


Also, don’t forget to Vote for Bex each day until July 27th!  If she wins the title of Fan Favorite, she gets her own online show at!

Currently, she is ranked second.

But she needs to be first.

So vote now!

Go Bex!


4 thoughts on “Bex the Unexpected

  1. Bex was my favorite designstar, love her look, love her hardwork, loved the profile during the white box challenge. Thought she was given a raw deal and Luca is a doofus who can’t work with anyone. Bex rocks and I voted my 10xs for her today.

    • Thanks for sharing and voting, Kathleen. I agree with you about Luca. Apparently he was a very violent man–nobody liked him. Hope you had a great birthday. It seems you survived VBS. 🙂 Have a good one!

  2. I am glad that you met Bex! We have been friends for a long time. We adore her loving playful personalty and how she handles her self when she gets back against the wall. She is all class with a giant heart!

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